Insulating value of blinds rather than curtains?

8 years 7 months ago #510081 by Stikkibeek

hilldweller;516926 wrote: Lots of useful info here thanks guys. Looks like thermal blinds might be the way to go. I'll have to investigate prices and see if I can put them on the list for next winter.

If you are going to go thermal, it is still a great idea to line them as well. otherwise the thermal backing gets destroyed by the sun. It's cheaper to replace the lining if you have to after a few years, than the whole curtain.

Did you know, that what you thought I said, was not what I meant :S

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8 years 7 months ago #510205 by lisaeve
We have used various tricks to make curtains/blinds work better. When in one very cold house, we constructed what we called 'window duvets' using a thin layer of scrap roof insulation (insulfluff) which I tacked on to calico and then hung down the back of the curtain, which created the necessary air space. Unfortunately, like organix said, the 'duvet' was in contact with the glass, which being single glazed was nice and cold and so we got big damp problems on the duvet. Insulfluff doesn't wash well ;-)

The next iteration was a thin double sided 'duvet', which is similar to what hawkspur described and fitted nicely as a roman blind on a kitchen window, where we didn't want to have draping curtain material in the way.

Have you thought about trying some of the retrofit double glazing solutions as well/instead of? I've had friends apply them and found they actually help quite a bit.

Our house now has double glazing throughout and the only rooms with curtains are the bedrooms, which have blackout material hung behind the curtains from an extra row on the curtain tape. While not really necessary, and mainly to keep the bedrooms dark, it probably does have a fairly good insulating effect. We also have pelmets that extend about 20cm to either side of the windows so we can pull the curtains right back out of the way.

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