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8 years 9 months ago #39672 by OtagoSouthlandFarmer
Hi guys,
My latest project for our local newspaper is called Be Prepared.
What this covers is basically being prepared for an emergency event such as a flood, earthquake, tsunami, etc.
Also, I put this in the wrong section but it wasn't moved so reposted here.

Is there anyone in Southland or Otago who would speak on the record, including a photo, on the following topics:

* Emergency blankets - do you own one or have used one
* Dehydrated foods - do you have a home-made dehydrator?
* Meeting places - does your family have a meeting place?
* Someone who has food and water stockpiled
* Satellite phones - who has one?
* Fuel for vehicles - storage of it?
* Someone who has a bug-out bag - a bag prepared for leaving.
* Someone who has processed a natural disaster insurance claim
* Someone who has been through an emergency and how they reacted/what they would do differently
* Someone who has a locator beacon or has used one

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