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9 years 1 week ago #39167 by tahunakuaka
Hi, Have been reading past forum posts on this issue, but as cell phone technology has changed, would like an update. Is there a website that compares the performance of different brands, such as receiver quality? One of our cell phones (courtesy of telecom when they changed from CDMA to XT) receives a 1 bar signal at our place, and then only in certain weather conditions and in specific spots. Has anyone in a dodgy reception area who relies totally on mobile phone and internet have an opinion which of the current cell phone models has the best receiver. I also use the mobile phone as a modem for my netbook as the data stick will not receive the miniscule signal at all. Only interested in prepay, we do not use the internet much when staying on our block (except when we need info on how to fix some bit of machinery!). telecom is the only one we have found to get any signal from. (no problem when having to stay in town).

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9 years 1 week ago #502415 by Ruth
Replied by Ruth on topic Mobile Phone Reception
I checked out ConsumerNZ for their reports on rural signal reception and bought on their recommendation at the time (about three years ago) and my phone seems to be better than the others in the household, but still really unsatisfactory coverage at ours. Like you, some days, some weather is better. Vodafone isn't here much at all and despite loathing Tcon, that's the signal we can get.

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9 years 1 week ago #502424 by muri
Replied by muri on topic Mobile Phone Reception
I dont have reception here but find some people turn up who have good reception and thats both telecom and vodofone.
I get the feeling that the model of the phone has something to do with it, not just the provider, some of the more modern larger phones work well.
the smaller cell phones struggle, nothing with two degrees, telecom on the second floor of the barn, and vodofone on the dining room table. But these larger phones seem to be less picky as to where they work

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9 years 1 week ago #502449 by spark
Replied by spark on topic Mobile Phone Reception

As far as radio is concerned (all cellphones are radio transceivers), when it comes to aerials, bigger is almost always better. Remember the old "brick" phones, with an antenna that was almost as long as the phone itself? those were about as good an antenna as you could get and still be able to hold the phone to your ear and not have to worry about pointing the antenna's main lobe towards the cell tower.

Today, most of the time, most people are much closer to a cellphone tower, market demand is for pocket sized phones, and as might be expected, this has lead to the demise of phones with "proper" aerials (because hardly anyone wants to buy a phone with a big long antenna poking out the top of it). Generally speaking, smaller phones do not have as much room for an internal antenna as larger phones (but then there could be some large phones with small antennae).

If you can get a phone that will connect to an external antenna (some phones have an external antenna socket - usually used for a "car kit"), and you put the antenna on the other end of a cable preferably outside and up high, then you will probably get much better reception.


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