Existential questions for Ruth

9 years 2 months ago #38831 by trixie
You said you were pondering existential questions on why weird things happen to you. Thought I would share my experiences this week that cause me to do the same -
First - Putting the groceries through the checkout with my special needs son, he asks the operator if she is a he or a she. I quickly say, her name badge says she is Mary - (Mary looks very masculine hence his confusion ) Then he notices her diamond ring on fourth finger - oh he says, are you engaged ? Finally smiling she says yes. So he says - to a man or a woman ? Mary giggles and says both ! Then says he asks cheeky questions. So he wanders off and leaves a mortified me to finish putting the groceries through. :o

Second - He is a master fly smasher with the swat all over my windows but he's helping. This morning I came into the room and he proudly shows me the swat and says I cleaned it Mum. What with I ask with trepidation. I used a knife then under the tap then the tea towel he says proudly. Which knife I ask - the one in the drawer, I put it back for you [xx(] Show me which one I say, he says I don't remember, it was yesterday !!!
So, I dried last nights dishes with that teatowel [xx(]

Hope that makes you feel a little better :)

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9 years 2 months ago #499207 by Deanna
Thanks for the giggle Trixie. Precious!

25 acres, 1400 Blue Gums, Wiltshire sheep, 5 steers, 2 cows, ducks, chickens, bees, dog, cats, retired, 1 husband and 3 grandkids.

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