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9 years 1 day ago #38792 by Aria
GHD hair straighteners was created by Aria
Am thinking about getting my DIL one of these for Xmas - problem is I want it to be a surprise (so can't ask her) - and I had no idea there were all these different types/models. I had a look at this site;

which is the official Aussie site (I couldn't find a NZ one).

Does anyone have any experience with these - are they all that much better than other brands? (She seems adamant they are!)

So what criteria do people use to choose the different models? Are some better than others; or for different hair types etc.?

Also, anyone know whether you can get them duty free (Aus or here)?

Lastly, saw some on TradeMe - can one reliably purchase the real thing on that site?

Thanks for any information - I'd ask my FB friends, but she is one of them !!! :-)

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9 years 1 day ago #498787 by Ruth
Replied by Ruth on topic GHD hair straighteners
Fair Go did something on these a couple or more years ago. It might be worth searching their material to see what you can find. I vaguely recall there were a lot of fake ones around. I didn't take a lot of notice beyond being surprised that such things exist and are in demand. :)

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9 years 1 day ago #498788 by Huntaway
Replied by Huntaway on topic GHD hair straighteners
Try to find a hair salon local to you that sells them. Not all the ones for sale over the Internet are the real deal. Can't say for certain what the ones on TM are but I have bought some over the web that only lasted a very short time then went pop!

The real ones aren't cheap but they are very good.

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9 years 14 hours ago #498826 by Castle Peak
Replied by Castle Peak on topic GHD hair straighteners
There isn't a NZ website any more.

There are too many fakes out there, so don't buy on Trade Me or any other website promising a too good to be true or sale price. GHD are pretty good at coming down on suspicious or fake sellers, but I'd not take the chance.

If you look at the bottom of the GHD webpage, there is a link where you can put in any website address you find selling them. That's good for GHD as they get the info and do their stuff in shutting them down, and good for you as you find out quickly whether the site is likely to be fake.

Does she have her hair cut at a particular salon? Could you ask the stylist there? Apart from the GHD website I think they are only sold in hair salons, there's a salon locator on the GHD website.

Remington, GHD and Cloud Nine all got good results in the Consumer NZ test last September. GHD and Cloud Nine as very fast at heating up, if that is an issue for her. Remington took a long time. If you need any more info from that, I'm a member.

All GHD's come with a serial number that you put in on the GHD website which will tell you if the set you have purchased it is fake or not. I suppose you could always ask any TM seller for the serial number before you buy, pop that in the website to check. Still risky though.

There is an 18 page thread on Scambusters about fake GHD's if you can take the time to read through, it also gives many hints on how to spot fakes and names sellers of fakes that have been outed.

Personally I think they are overpriced, and there's not way I'd spent that on hair products for the goats to look at. [:0] Friends who have GHD's rave about them though and when they have done my hair it does look good.

Edited to add: there are 15 salons that sell them in Palmy!

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8 years 11 months ago #499010 by katieb
Replied by katieb on topic GHD hair straighteners
apparently they arent as good as they used to be but if purchased through a salon there should be a guarentee

I bought some in Ireland in May & am planning on getting the plug changed or just an adapter plug(prob easier) GHDs are pretty much the only ones I saw over there, I just bought the standard GHD as I wont use it very often....the joys of farming...I dont get out much....I have really long hair so it takes a while to straighten....these are my 3rd straightners in about 13 yrs....1st I stepped on & broke, 2nd I still have they are remmington wet to straight & still work fine but bigger & surface coming off a little ...I couldnt find them when packing 30mins before leaving for the airport in May...while still organising animals of course!

I know of a girl who bought Cloud 9 ones before they were availble in pretty sure she said they were made or designed by the person/company who used to make ghd...she always has to have the latest/best/most expensive things

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8 years 11 months ago #499020 by Aria
Replied by Aria on topic GHD hair straighteners
Thanks everyone - yes I found the list of salons in Palmy that stock them - just great - and I'm sure the stylists there will be able to help me regarding best model of hair type. So appreciative of all you help!!! :-).

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