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9 years 11 months ago #37904 by ronnie
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this new property has gas hot water - an Infinity 26 unit. The hot water seems to work well in the kitchen and hand basins, but when I went to have a shower it was a different scenario - either burning hot or icy cold. Did not seem to matter where I had the mixer turned to it just pleased itself as to whether it was hot or cold.
Could this just be "settling in" as property been vacant for 12 months or is there a setting I dont know about or is the mixer the problem or should I just call a plumber ??


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9 years 11 months ago #489842 by muri
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It might be that you dont notice it in other rooms but do in the shower.
Have you cleaned all the filters, particularly to the shower?
Is there enough air in bladder of the pump?

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9 years 11 months ago #489871 by spark
Replied by spark on topic gas hot water
Hi Ronnie,

Most of those instant inline gas hot water heaters automatically shut down if the flow of hot water is too low.
What I think is happening is that when you set your shower mixer to what should be a nice warm temperature, that the shower mixer is drawing too small a flow of water from the hot water pipe for the gas burner to turn on, and when you move the mixer to a hotter position, which draws more water from the hot water pipe, the increased water flow from the hot pipe prompts the gas burner to fire up. The minimum flow of hot water required to make the burner run is not getting mixed with enough cold water to moderate the shower water temperature - so it's either cold or far too hot!

First thing to do would be to check that the nozzles in your shower rose are not blocked or clogged and are all flowing freely (individual nozzles that only drip, or do not squirt are blocked or clogged).

Failing that, yes I know that it is a waste of water & gas, but try running a hot tap to waste whilst showering - if this fixes the problem then you might consider replacing your shower rose with an old fashioned non-politically correct "high flow" water wasting shower rose (or you might be able to carefully drill out the nozzles in your existing rose to make them bigger so that they flow more water).

Good luck

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9 years 11 months ago #489880 by spoook
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If the filters have been cleaned and the flow of water is not impeded, check the filter at the bottom of the Infinity unit, this may need cleaning. You will find this on the cold inlet.

If all that fails, call a plumber. Get him to check the shower mixer is for un-equal pressure.

The pump could be producing 40l/min on the cold side and the Infinity is probably only producing 15l/min at 55deg therefore making it un-equal.

There is the chance there could be an issue with the LPG, I am assuming you are on cylinders? With cold weather the flow of the LPG can be restricted. The regulator may need servicing. This time of the year, the bottle indicator may need turning to the full bottle rather than the empty, or near empty, bottle. Are the valve on the cylinders completely open?

Good luck.

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9 years 11 months ago #489893 by ronnie
Replied by ronnie on topic gas hot water
Thanks for the replies - very helpful.
I used the shower up the other end of the house this morning as I am familiar with the mixer up there.
Much better result. But could still only get a luke warm shower and when I tried to make it a bit hotter, the hot water cut out again.
So I am now wondering if the water can be delivered at a higher temperature as you do with cylinder water? Do I need a plumber for that? or is it something I can do myself.
Spoook, brand new, full cylinders for the gas, only delivered a few days ago and yes, fully open.
I will get to the bottom of this sooner or later cause cold showers are just no fun [}:)]

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