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As I have mentioned before, we are getting a new kitchen put it and as part of such have bought a rangehood from a well known retailer. We got it a couple of weeks ago, it was reduced and we were told the reason was it was the end of range. It has sat in the kitchen till we have had the electrician in and filled up the holes he left in the gib. The box was sealed when we got it. Yesterday we decided to open it up and fit it. Looking at the instructions we are missing several parts, screws, brackets and the bit that the connects the hob to the flexible ducting. I guess there should have been a bag of odds and sods which never made it into the box. I like the rangehood, but whilst the brackets and screws we could make do without, the joining piece to the ducting makes it pretty well useless.
Yes I know I can take it back and demand a refund as it is not fit for purpose, but that would be 2 hours out of my day and I do actually want the rangehood, it was a good price and I like the design. I just want the bits that are missing.

Do I have to take the whole thing back to the shop or can I reasonably expect them to source the missing parts and post them to me?

One thing is, how do I prove they were not there to begin with and in two weeks we could have lost them? (pretty difficult from a sealed box, but you never know they could claim we did lose them).

I will be ringing them today and who knows they might bend over backwards to sort it, but equally they could be a pain in the neck, I would like to know how I stand. The old forewarned is forearmed thing.

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