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Thanks all.

Farmer Boy, that is similar to the aerial that we were given to trial. Unless you can reach a strong 3G signal with the aerial that you can't get your phone to, it doesn't really help. the loss through the component (can't remember the name) that links the aerial to the cable, and then through the cable, pretty much wrote off any gain we got with the aerial. And my phone doesn't have a direct connection, so that's an additional loss.

We just can't get a strong enough patch of 3G even with an aerial 10m up in the air to make it worthwhile using something like that.

And ADSL is absolutely not an option. We are nearly 8km from the exchange (no boxes in the middle). Just doesn't work. Dial up is really bad too.

I'll keep looking for any sneaky options for text messages. At the moment I have my mobile set up to forward calls to our home phone if I have no coverage, which is fine except on the days when we have just enough coverage for the phone to ring, but not enough for me to answer!

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