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Why weren't these dogs shot for stock worrying before they had the opportunity to kill a person?

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Is that the right link? It mainly talks about the owner getting another big dog. :confused:

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read past that stupid bank ad, the text goes on.. :)

[;)] Blueberry
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10 years 4 months ago #472372 by Falcons Rest
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From the article - thank god for "copy & paste";

Pilates instructor Chloe Mathewson, 31, was found dead on the driveway of the semi-rural property in Redvale on Auckland's North Shore in March.
It is understood she had been visiting Andrew Wai Poi, the owner of the three dogs that were seized and destroyed........
In an earlier incident, he said the dogs that were eventually destroyed had attacked a neighbour's cows and Chloe Mathewson tried to sort it out........
The council issued an infringement over the incident in November, but the owner wasn't prosecuted.

Thought provoking.
Not sure that shooting all stock-chasing dogs would be the answer; Chloe obviously knew the owner. Regardless of if the dogs had chased stock or not there is a good chance she would still have been attacked; they were loose on "their territory".
Yes destroying them would have prevented this attack, but the bigger problem is people keeping aggressive dogs in unsuitable manners.

As a (hopefully responsible!) owner of a working dog who is an escape artist I've gone to every possible length to ensure the mutt in question is always under control. He's a known chook killer (once; a sweet 8 week old banty pullet when he was 8 months old) so is never trusted alone with them. Despite being avery friendly, gentle dog we never trust him alone with the kids (partners, not mine - 3 & 8) either - just too many horror stories of good dog gone bad.
At the end of the day all dogs have the potential to "go bad" - the difference in damage is usually down to the size of the teeth.
I don't disagree with you; dog worrying is a serious problem in this area and I'd be the first person out with a gun if I saw a dog after my animals. However I think the real problem here is the owner;

Now, residents are concerned another big dog is at the house and it has already sparked a complaint.
Auckland Council has confirmed an animal management officer visited the house this month after a passerby complained a German shepherd rushed out and barked as she walked her dog past the open gate.
The German shepherd was seized, as it was unregistered, but was returned when the owner paid the fees and registered the animal.

A guard/attack style dog, unregistered (clearly a responsible owner...) on an open gated property (ok - just barking for now)........... I'd hate to be the meter reader in that area...

[SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]Wiltshires, Beefies, Boers, Captain Cookers, Muscovies, assorted Chooks, 2 cats & a confused dog........ No suprise the cats are in charge.:p

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