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I have a pile of old films which I want to get developed when I have some spare cash. I used to use a company called photopost where I posted the film and the photos came back by mail - cost was around $9 a film. However they have gone out of business.

Anyone got any suggestions as to whom I can use that isn't going to charge an arm and a leg - I would prefer if possible a company that can put the photos on disk rather than physical photos then I could od my own editing etc. Photo post were offering this service at $9 ish for the first film then a cheaper rate for the others - really miss them as it was so easy just posting the films and getting everything back in the mail :-(

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I saw Harvey N offering a similar service a while ago, but I can't remember if it was just for digital photos or not. You could also try your local chemist. They used to do this and send them off to a processing lab. We are lucky enough to still have a film processing camera shop nearby.

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