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10 years 10 months ago #35646 by Anne
I am looking for a horse!!! I know that I have paddockfuls already and hardly need any more:rolleyes:[;)], but this is a special case. I have had a family move in across the road. The 15 year old daughter has been very turned off school and has a dispensation not to attend. Her parents really value learning but they understand where daughter is currently at. Daughter apparently was a bit of a difficult student - ran away, wagged, truancy involved, placed in group home, ran away from there, all sorts of things. She hasn't really been living with her parents for a while. They have got absorbed into the rural living and are loving it. Daughter is hooked. Doesn't miss living in town, doesn't miss her friends, hasn't looked like running away. Dad has a horse which is not suitable for daughter to ride. Daughter is very keen and spends hours at my place. Helps with feeding out, handling all the animals, working with young horses, cleaning gear, tidying tack room. Parents are thrilled with all that she is learning - without realising it. Dad says she disappears into the loo with the old Pony Club manual I gave her and devours it. Comes out with all sorts of interesting bits and pieces. Is giving her dad advice on what to do with the horse. Asks intelligent and insightful questions when she is with me.

Recently she was given a heifer calf. She came with me to buy milk powder and moosli. She worked out what it would cost in dollars to get enough feed to raise calf to weaning. She worked out how much milk powder she needed to make the amount of milk calf needed. Not short of intelligence!!! Did not really realise that she was doing "maths" as she was working all this out!

She would like to ride, but I really have nothing suitable. She is tall - around 5'8" and says she weighs about 75 kilos. I would have estimated her weight as less than that, so she's not overweight, but is developing muscle with all the excercise she gets.

Mum and dad are thrilled with her changes. I would never have guessed at all the problems they describe when I work with her now. They would love her to have a horse, but have no money to pay for one. They can afford upkeep and have excellent grazing. Alternatively the horse would stay at my place.

So, does anyone know of a kind and sensible horse who wants a home? 15:2 +, a bit solid, placid, age really not an issue. Horse they have now is 21 and was a bag of bones when he arrived. He now looks half his age, glossy, well cared for and happy. I can't imagine new horse will get ridden more than 3 -4 times a week. If she gives up, I'd be happy to re-home horsey or keep him on as a mate for youngsters here.

I'm asking around amoung the various people I know, but thought I'd spread the word on here too. I'd prefer not a TB - 15 year old would accept anything which she could ride (and probably anything she couldn't :D ).

Word of mouth is awesome. Word of lifestyleblock may be even better.

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10 years 10 months ago #466788 by Stikkibeek
Is the one Terralee is talking about, suitable? At TeAwamutu, she'd also be able to keep an eye on it.

Did you know, that what you thought I said, was not what I meant :S

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10 years 10 months ago #466801 by Denneaux
I'm laughing at you description of her build. I'm pretty much the exact height and weight as her. One of the horses that I ride is a 13.1hh pony. Nobody has ever called me overweight either because it is a perfectly healthy weight for that height...although when I rode a competitive trail ride they put me in the heavy weight division.
Good luck with the search, I'm sure there is something perfect out there.

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