Mobile phones and car chargers

10 years 4 months ago #35456 by max2
I bought the SOH a T***c*m mobile back in April, its an R** model, the one with big buttons.

Within a couple of weeks of having it, the phone would not switch on at all but the light worked. T instructed me to take it to our nearest T shop who sent it away for repairs. I ''think'' they re-booted the software and it came back.

approx. a fortnight later, the phone again failed to turn on at all, but the light still worked. Back to the T shop and they sent it off, this time the internal ?? board was replaced and the phone returned.

Around the same time I purchased a car charger from another T shop for the mobile as Hubby generally leaves the mobile in the car, using it to contact customers, suppliers and myself whilst on the road.

4 weeks later it failed to turn on. I took the phone back to the T shop who now know me by name, and they sent it off again and the technicians replaced the entire phone. Each time they have said the handset is faulty.

Last week the replacement (same model) phone also stopped working and back to the T shop. This time I was served by who I think is the manager/owner of the store and he tried to tell me it was flat and asked when was it last charged. I said its mainly left in the car and charges from the charger I bought from another T store and that Hubby had it on and plugged in the day before.

He said that is the problem, pulled the phone apart and said the battery is hot (after being plugged into their wall socket for about 1 minute) and that my Hubby isn't driving enough to charge the phone properly.

As he has no idea of how much time Hubby spends on the road, my hackles were starting to rise and having charged N*kia mobiles before the same way without problem in the same car, Í felt perhaps this was a cop out.
I can understand that it may not get fully charged from time to time, but surely its not able to damage the phone by being charged in the car? Why would T sell a car charger for it, if that is the case?

He said they would send it back but ask for a store credit at the technicians discretion. I don't want a store credit but want the amount credited back to my T account how it was initially paid for, but I am curious if charging a mobile in a car would cause the internals of a new mobile phone to stop working?

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10 years 4 months ago #464766 by spark

Most (but not all!) cellphones these days want to see about 5 volts DC from the charger. The voltage from the "12 volt" wiring in your car can vary from about 6 volts (cranking the engine) to 14.5 volts (charging the battery after the engine starts). The job of the car charger is to take this nominal "12 volt" electricity from the car, and regulate it to a nice steady low voltage for the phone.
If the charger supplies the phone with electricity at too high a voltage, then yes, it is likely to damage the phone, but this is very easy for any technician worth their salt to check. If the charger is a proper "official" charger made by the same people that made the phone, then it is unlikely to be the cause of the problem.

It is quite normal for batteries to get warm (like body temperature) when charged, but the batteries should NEVER get hot!. Hot batteries are a sign of overcharging, overcharging batteries can start fires! [:0]

Consumer guarantees act - "goods must be fit for the purpose for which they were supplied". If the charger is faulty, it's probably the fault of the people you bought it from. If the charger is not faulty, then the phone is likely the problem (did you buy the charger from the tele**m store?).
Short answer - you do not have to accept a store credit when you have been supplied with faulty goods.


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10 years 4 months ago #464768 by max2
Replied by max2 on topic Mobile phones and car chargers
many thanks Spark, yes the charger also came from the Botany T store for the T phone that T supplied and couriered out ....

Earlier this week I telephoned T***com and told them of the saga. I also mentioned that I wanted an account credit (because that is how the phone was supplied and paid for) and the CS person wasn't sure, but couldn't see a problem with the idea. No offer to take it further with the service techs undertaking the work I will just see what the store call brings.

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