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DiDi;459717 wrote: Wandering free - what would you deem the outskirts of Auckland? Pukekohe /QUOTE]

It doesn't have to be any one area it would be were ever you nearest train station was or bus depot. it worked in the past when all the industry was around the railway network and you lived within a couple of miles of a railway station, people just walked or rode a bike, it was actually good exercise and then you got to read the paper while you let someone else do the driving, you seem to have created a stress full life for your selves.

As for traveling miles to help aging parents wouldn't it be cheaper if they got a taxi, or do like my mother did when she came to NZ at 80 and didn't like Hope and moved to Nelson were she spent the next 20 years and died at just over 100, they don't have to be were they are if it is so inconvenient for them.

Just me and the cat now, on 2 acres of fruit and veg + hazel nuts, macadamia, chestnuts and walnuts,

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