If you only see one movie this year on the big screen...

11 years 5 months ago #34211 by reggit
...make it The Impossible.

Hasn't been promoted much but wow. Ewen McGregor, Naomi Watts and three outstanding child actors, in a story based on the experiences of a Spanish family who were caught up in the Boxing Day tsunami in Thailand.

Scary, riveting, gut-wrenching, sad, uplifting, amazing...storytelling on the screen at its best. And thankfully free of sentimentality or heroics, just the story of people in a terrible situation and the good and not so good choices they make under stress.

If there was any justice, this film and those involved would wipe the floors at the Oscars, but as it's (thankfully) not a Hollywood blockbuster, not likely.

Best I have seen for a very, very long time.

Take a break...while I take care of your home, your block, your pets, your stock! [;)] PM me...

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11 years 5 months ago #451842 by thevarneys
Thankyou for that tigger. We only get to the movies about once every year or so, and I was just wondering about that one. We like Ewan as we have his mororbike adventure through Africa (The Long Way Down).
It is my birthday today :D and even though we went out for dinner last night (lovely Thai), I was thinking a movie might be a well earned treat in the next week or so too.
So it is a toss up between the Leo Tolstoy Anna Karanina or The Impossible.
Or both :D

Some people are so poor, all they have is money.

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