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I moved to the country for quite and I have family who ask me what I do all day. Haha. they can come live here as there always seems to be plenty of action.

Yesterday nobody was around (we only have 5 houses in a 1km radius) and I heard someone calling hello at our front fence. I had rude thoughts about religious callers (as you do) as I went outside. It turned out the person was on the phone to the ambulance as a friend had become ill while on a canoe trip on the river and she didnt know where she was to direct the ambulance! So I spoke to the call center and we woked out where on the river the canoe party was. My husband took the lady in our car back down a track and up over the stopbank to her friends while I waited to direct the ambulance.

As soon as the ambulance came in sight one neighbour roared up behind it, and as I was talking to him after sending the ambulance on its way, another neighbour roared up - nobody had been around or in sight but suddenly we had people popping up from nowhere if we needed them. My husband came out of the river area to collect me and we went back in just case extra hands were needed, and as we arrived at the scene out popped another neighbour from some bushes!

Country people really are wonderful. In town most neighbours would just stand and watch and never offer help.

So the collapsed person went off in the ambulance and the canoes were picked up and rides organised for the rest of the canoe party back to their car. The poor lady who walked for help did an excellent job as she came along the river thru some pretty rough ground till she found a break in the fence and made it to the road - she tried the first house which has been empty for ages then had the sense to look inside letter boxes for mail to get a road name for emergency services, it was just she couldnt work out where on the river her firends were and how to get the ambulance in there. It must have been frightening for all. Fingers crossed the collapsed person makes a full recovery.

The greatest fine art of the future will be the making of a comfortable
living from a small piece of land. ~ Abraham Lincoln ~

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10 years 11 months ago #447376 by stephclark
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slightly different here.. but country folk none the less..

there i was driving home, came across a leather clad bikiy type..dreds,jacket etc... pushing bike ( motor type ) along road..

so stopped .. funny enough turns out to be someone i met 25 years ago.. relation of ex neighbour..
so bike pushed into my driveway, i dropped him off at the family xmas party he was now late for..

best bit was ex boss drives past as i am talking to this 'bikeeee' ... he he he nearly drove off the road .. so stunned and amazed..

never judge a book etc etc

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10 years 11 months ago #447614 by katieb
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I crashed my car yesterday & had to wait about 45mins for the tow truck to arrive

Its a windy rural road

In that time quite a few cars drove past... a few stopped to see if I was fine even when OH arrived

1 thing I noticed was the vehicles that didnt even slow down(if they did it was barely).... they werent dirty at all & some were sign written company vehicles(NZ grazing company was one)... actually the only sign written one that did stop was the Chorus guy who fixed our phone line a few weeks ago(he wouldnt have recognised me)

Animals rule our place... cows, calves, sheep, goats, pigs, horses, donkeys, chickens, ducks... the list goes on
...."lifestyle block like" 25 or so acres around the house attached to a rather large farm with dairy drystock & a 600 cow dairy conversion :)....1500 acres to call home

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10 years 11 months ago #447634 by stephclark
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ahhh that is things have changed...

funny.. years ago, down the road, was a little old lady, 100 if a day!, each day rain or shine she would head off to the shops... about a 2km walk each way.. wearing her green raincoat so she blended into the backgroud.. how she was never run down is beyond me[;)]..
sooo on one afternoon, sitting around at a neighbourhood gathering, we were discussing the benefits of all this walking, as she was obviously still very fit and well...
then it transpired, after much note comparing, it seemed that anyone in the area who was passing, would stop and give this lady a ride to and from the shops each much for the benefits of walking :D .. but she did get to meet everyone..
now adays she would be lucky not to be robbed...[:0]

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