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what is the best value 4 money with broadband, at present i am with slingshot on 56k and they look like the best deal so far, any advice anyone.


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18 years 5 months ago #82839 by Inger
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Hi Rob,
At our Auckland place we use World Exchange for Broadband. Have a look at their web site:

I've tried various others for broadband: Xtra, Orcon, Paradise Net. The reason I prefer World Exchange is 2-fold:
1) On the 1Mbps plan, you get a higher data cap than Slingshot or Orcon (5GB vs 3GB or 1GB) for the same or less money
2) World Exchange DON'T charge you extra if you don't have your toll calls with them (unlike Orcon or Xtra), yet they make it worth your while to do so by giving you 100 free minutes of national toll calls each month (any time of day or night to any landline in NZ).

On World Exchange's entry-level broadband plan ($29.95 per month) they are exactly the same price as Slingshot or Orcon, yet you get the 100 free minutes of toll calls per month as a sweetener. We prefer the $42.95 per month plan which gives a 1Mbps download speed (4x faster than entry-level) together with a 5GB data cap (5x more than entry level). Together with the 100 free minutes of toll calls per month, it's the best deal I could find and believe me, I've shopped around!

I hope that helps.

Cheers, Grant.

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