Making lime sulphur

11 years 4 months ago #32321 by wandering free
I wonder if others fall in between the commercial and home gardener user, I only needed 2 Lts of lime sulphur not 20 Lts. all Bunnings had were 200ml bottles at almost $10 each and I wasn't going to buy 10 of them, so as I had some sulfur over from the blueberries, I thought why not give it a go making some, Eugenio Gras has this video on you tube:-

and it works really well, the only thing I had to buy was 20 kilos of hydrated lime (the smallest amount I could find) at less than $20 and enough to make 200 Lts.

So 1 kilo of sulphur half a kilo of lime and 5 Lts of water and about half an hour of boiling on an out door gas ring and I have more than enough for my needs, only thing I will do different in future is make sure the sulphur is well powdered up, the granules in the horticultural sulphur weren't all crushed enough to react fully.

Just me and the cat now, on 2 acres of fruit and veg + hazel nuts, macadamia, chestnuts and walnuts,

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