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Wow, what awesome weather here currently. I am glad I did not come a week earlier, it was like you guys are having.

So much has happened........
The morning we were getting ready to leave, the n/bour here called me over to see a tree snake, non-poisonous thank goodness. It must have just had a good feed, yet to be digested it was sitting in it's throat.

We took off for Eungalla National Park and had lunch at Eungalla Chalet, high in the hills with a most amazing view.

Then on to Broken River Mountain Resort for the night. Took a walk down to the river and saw a few platypus, I felt so honoured as some people go there and never even see one.

Lots of turtles too, they were easier to photograph, not so fast to appear and disappear.

Dinner was exciting too, I kept leaving the table to feed the ....... possums [}:)] Shhhhh. They are protected here.

Next morning before we left, we went to the river again and saw more platypus, could not believe it. [:0] A really big fat one kept coming up.

Next morning we drove to Airlie Beach, went to the markets and spent lots of time and money. Then wandered the main street shops, had lunch on the beachside.
The afternoon was fantastic. We went to a friend of Steve's that cares for sick or injured wallabies. Some of them could be out of a dead mother's pouch :(
Bren was just as taken as I with the tiny little treasures. OMG, I so want one.

Next day we took a boat from Shute Harbour to Barrier Reef, saw the corals and fish, did not snorkel as it was so darn windy., Wind chill factor kept me dressed. Apart from the fact we were flying in an R44 helicopter back to Hamilton Island for a few hours.

Flying over the barrier reef,....... what an experience [:0] :D
This is the "heart" of the barrier reef

At one point the pilot banked and I nearly ended up on his lap [:0], after then he warned he was going to tilt off the flat level flightpath. [;)]

After lounging at the Hamilton Island yacht club :D for a while, we made our way the the harbour to meet the boat back to Airlie Beach.

All in all, a most fantastic weekend packed full with so many memories. I am so lucky.

Hope you guys have enjoyed the trip so far too. 5 more days to go.................

Off to feast on a few more prawns, eat yer hearts out.[}:)][}:)][}:)][}:)]

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That looks like you are having a fabulous break, you deserve it! It will be hard to come back to the cold and wet.

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