Computer can't run Linux

12 years 1 month ago #31405 by Simkin
Now that was a surprise! Hubby bought a new desk top computer and installed Linux/Ubuntu. All went well until he started to use it to browse the Internet. After viewing 4 or 5 pages the connection cut out. Restart computer, try again. 4 or 5 pages, then connection fails again. Our other computers work fine.

After trying for some 10 days to make it work he took it back as faulty. They said straight away that their guarantee does not extend to running Linux on their machines. So they installed Windows 7 and tested it - it runs fine. They told us that the new machines can't run Linux.

Wonderful. Thank you Mr Gates. I'm using Linux right now on a 16 month old computer. My hard drive is partitioned so that I can run both Windows and Linux. I can well understand that they got worried about too many people deciding to not use Windows but instead of making Windows more user friendly and not charging extra for every little component they installed something so that Linux can't be run at all[}:)]

Has anyone else experienced this?

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12 years 1 month ago #421924 by GrantK
Replied by GrantK on topic Computer can't run Linux
It doesn't sound right to me Simkin. Hardware is agnostic; it doesn't know what OS you are running. To me it sounds like a driver issue, and the retailer is just covering their a$$ because they don't want to know about Linux.

There are plenty of forums out there with enthusiastic people who can help. My first suggestion would be to try a different Linux distro than Ubuntu. Maybe Fedora or Red Hat. Any more than that I couldn't say, as I haven't used Linux for some years.

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12 years 1 month ago #421932 by kiwi_jon
Replied by kiwi_jon on topic Computer can't run Linux
I agree with Grant. It sounds like a network device driver issue or incompatability problem within Ubuntu.

Makes sure you are installing the very latest version of Ubuntu and the correct architecture i.e 32bit or 64bit depending on what your PC is. Chances are if it is very recent then it will be 64bit.

One of the major issues with linux is that motherboard manufacturers are constantly updating their motherboards and while they update device drivers for Windows operating systems they don't always produce linux drivers or only produce drivers for a small subset of linux operating systems and rely on the linux communities to compile drivers for their OS.

Try googling 'ubuntu drops internet connection' and see how many people have the same issue.

When you buy a PC the warranty only covers the physical hardware and the OS that was installed on the PC at the time it was bought and that only covers defects in the OS itself. I have had clients bring back PC's I have supplied with issues where Windows won't load expecting it to be covered under warranty, only for me to find it was due to a virus infection. I have had some major arguments and lost a couple of clients when I invoice them for the work.

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12 years 1 month ago #421961 by Scuba_Steve
Yea I'm with the two above. The person at the store, not the most intelligent (to put it nicely).
1st Thing I'd check is, does it run fine at your home on Windows? or does it do the same? at the store they're "test" probably consisted of connecting to the interwebs then declaring it good. Following that if it works, Somethings up with Linux so Kiwi Jon mentions I'd be checking drivers motherboard, network card etc make sure they're all correct & upto date.

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12 years 1 month ago #421985 by Huggiechook
If you are trying different Distros then I can warmly recommend Mint the main difference to Ubuntu is that they are not quite as purist about open source and thus Mint includes everything you need to do things like play DVDs and MP3 files from the start.

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