Agenda 21 again - U.S. case.

12 years 3 months ago #31338 by RhodeRed
Mentioned UN Agenda 21 here a while ago, that we were signed up by Bolger back in the 90's and the fact there is even a blatant "Hamilton City Agenda 21 office".

Below is a article and a news vid' about a guy that was targeted by Roswell city councillors/zealots who had decided his property was to be part of a "agenda 21 green-zone" (ie; no human activity).

They set about a documented campaign of harassment over several years initially kicking it off over bogus code-violations about keeping chickens that weren't actually ordinance violations, eventually they drove this poor old guy nuts in the end.

Same thinly veiled UN driven agenda as we have here - different country.

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