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11 years 10 months ago #31222 by DiDi
If anyone is expecting and using rabbit ears on any television in their house, then be careful with what you buy as a Digital Satellite Receiver. Apparently, some cause more interference than others as I have discovered today.

My Dish receiver caused no interference BUT has a hopeless remote that won't even go through glass doors on the cabinet. However, that is minor compared to the 1" wide red lines running down the rabbit ears dependant TV on TV2.

My Dish Receiver is fine but I was going to put it away as the multi aerial on the roof broke off in a recent storm and the aerial man convinced my Landlady to get rid of the aerial and sold her another brand Receiver.

He is coming back tomorrow to check it is not a faulty one but I already know what the answer will be having talked to the Manufacturer.

Really just for your advise everyone. The standard allows interference to a certain degree and different Receivers are not created equally! Hell the shut down is not for another year so watch your backs when purchasing in the meantime.

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