Horse trekking on Muriwai Beach

16 years 2 weeks ago #3059 by Ghilly
Kim and I were treated to a two hour horse trek on Muriwai beach today.
It was a surprise for Kim and I think she had a ball, apart from a few aches and pains that will be more evident tomorrow.

It was great! It must be 15 years or so that I last went on a horse and that was around in circles at a horse riding school on a horse that had no intention of going anywhere.

Kim went with the group that wanted to canter and I stayed with the guide who said we could just walk and take it easy. Our friend that treated us was on a par with me on a horse so there was just the two of us and the guide wandering along the forest tracks. It was a quiet walk to the beach and along the waters edge and then back up into the forest where we split up. I had a horse that was in his 20's and very 'solid' in nature. He knew the ropes so I just relaxed and went with him. He was called Sherman, after the tank but my first perception of his name was of Sherman Potter on Mash.

Kim had a slightly more spirited horse which she enjoyed and apart from losing her stirrup at one point, she had a great time.

I wouldn't have minded a bit of a canter on the beach but the cantering was through the forest on winding tracks and Kim said I probably wouldn't have felt very comfortable, especially with my lack of riding skills. I was glad I took the walking option.

It was great and I was still able to get off and walk afterwards.
Last time it was only an hour and my knees hurt so much I could barely stand. I had to sit down and try and unlock them. Being knock knee'd doesn't usually make for a comfortable ride as time goes on.

Ooooh I want a nice calm bomb proof horse now.... and a house on enough land to keep a couple of horses on..... and a western saddle.... the ones we had today were English saddles, which was ok but I find the western ones more comfortable.

I'm truely tired now and I still have the goats to attend to. YAWN!

We're off for a walk on the beach tomorrow. Kim thinks it's best or come Monday, we won't be able to move at all. It's her 50th tomorrow and today was a surprise gift of the trek.

Jeeze I'm Kanackered. H.P and his OH are up to their eyeballs in two big dinner parties at the cafes tonight. I had to drop off some milk for H.P and he was buzzing from one end of the kitchen to the other preparing food.... in THIS heat!

I need to finish my cup of tea, change my clothes and go sort out my animals. THEN maybe I can relax. I'm still buzzing... can you tell?


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16 years 2 weeks ago #80604 by betenoir
That is awesome...I seem to remember you weren't that keen on getting on a horse (a totally bombproof cutting one) at fielddays;) I can empathise as I used to be scared of horses (lack of knowledge more than anything else!) but now I'm quite happy around them. Good on ya and may you be long in the saddle lol


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16 years 2 weeks ago #80659 by Ghilly
I loved it. I don't think my knees liked it much though. I'm starting to feel a bit of pain here and there. Kim has bruises up her calves from the stirrup straps. She said her saddle wasn't very comfortable, it seemed too small and had a couple of saddle blankets under it to bulk it out maybe? She's much more accomplished at horse riding than I am.
Her stirrup straps seemed quite thick and she couldn't get them comfortable and they kept pinching her. Mine started pinching towards the end but then I had a sore foot with pins and needles in it and sore points on my head from the helmet. It didn't detract from enjoying the ride though. Maybe if we go next time Kim will get a different horse. Her one had apparently been a bit of a ****e that morning and seemed to be having a similar attitude to the afternoons ride as well.
She was following up the rear of the group and at one point her guide told her she was doing very well with the horse because normally he will refuse to be last and tries to get in front. Kim wouldn't let him have his own way and obviously won her case with him.

My old bloke was a gentle giant. (not that he was massive) but the guide said the joke at the stables was no one would fall off Sherman unless they fell asleep in the saddle. I can't argue with them there.He was a quiet gentleman and I was greatfull.

I gave him lots of pats and scratches around the ears when I got off and thanked him for letting me ride him. In fact, I kept patting his neck on the ride and telling him what a good boy he was... well it can't hurt to be kind and thankfull on the way can it.

I think I'd be reasonably ok cantering for a short while in a straight line but not on a winding track.
I found, when he was trotting, it was best to just try and glue my bum to the saddle. Posting has never been my strong point and I couldn't get in sync so while the saddle was going up, I found I was on my way down. The guide suggested I just stand in the stirrups until I got the rhythm but that didn't seem to work either. Gripping my legs and sticking to the saddle felt far more balanced.

I'm keen to get back in the saddle..... I'm not sure if my body will agree with me tomorrow.

The best and easiest bit was they led the horses up the the horse truck ramp so we could climb on.

My sisters horses are 17 + hands and I can't get my foot up high enough to get it in the stirrup. I just loose my balance and fall backwards. Even with a 'leg up' I can't get on them. Using the truck ramp was brilliant.

When we drove up I spotted a little spotted bummed horse and thought, 'That's just the right size for me!' Typical, the smallest one was full of fire and vinegar. A wee Apaloosa cross. I'm glad I wasn't on that one. He was keen to get moving and would have been thoroughly ticked off if he'd had to go with the walking group.

Right now is one of those moments when I would have liked to have found some Epsom Salts lurking in the back of the bathroom cupboard. I know we don't have any. [B)]


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16 years 2 weeks ago #80801 by Dream Weaver
Sounds like a wonderful day out Yakut and so good for Kim to have s surprise like that for her. Wonderful way to spend an afternoon.

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