Alpaca advert on another website

12 years 4 months ago #30573 by helen55
I came across this advert on the TradeMe website:

the vendors are saying that it's ok to have one alpaca on its own (as long as it is kept with sheep or goats). I've added a 'question' to the advert indicating that alpacas do need other alpacas for company but the vendors have ignored the question. I'm hoping for the alpaca's sake someone doesn't buy him and keep him on his own!

Grrrr some people should not be allowed to own animals.

Living on a 7 acre property near Oamaru I currently have 5 wonderful Standardbred horses, 8 alpacas, 6 former battery hens, 1 labrador and 8 cats. I eat only plant based food and love trying new plant based recipes. Retired from the paid workforce in December 2019 and have never been busier!!

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12 years 4 months ago #412385 by Stu_R
he is cheap as to and no reserve .. if i had any Alpacas i would buy him for certain at that money .. bet it goes up lots though :)
But as i only have 2 goats 25ish sheep and 3 pigs .. um i wont buy 1 Alpaca .. needs to be 2
Have to agree with you helen55 :)

5 retired Greyhounds ( Bridgette , Lilly, GoGo,Sam and now Lenny) 15 friendly sheep all of whom are named and come when you call them :) , 2 goats, Mollie and Eee Bee :
Olive trees , .. old bugger doing the best he can with no money or land :)

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