I need a miracle - off to the dentist

16 years 4 months ago #80120 by reggit
Them dental nurses back then were evil :( they used to discuss all the gross things they had done/learned about during their training as if us littlies sitting terrified in the chair had no ears or didn't understand what they were talking about. They filled my mouth full of amalgam and I think my record was about 4 fillings and four injections into my gums in one day.

They also tried to tell my parents I needed braces, but there was no way we could afford it and anyway, neither parents nor me though they were needed - and it turns out they weren't, my teeth are fine and I was saved the pain and my parents saved the expense...

But at least it wasn't like in my mum's day, she didn't go to a dentist for nigh on 30 years because of her memories of foot treadle drills in the UK when she was young [:0]. On her first trip to a dentist in NZ she was totally out of it on valium because of her anxiety at even walking in their door [}:)] Once she (like me) discovered that they would sedate you on request she was fine :).

Take a break...while I take care of your home, your block, your pets, your stock! [;)] PM me...

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