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12 years 10 months ago #27988 by skyline_glenn
I have just been on the phone to India, oops I mean telecom about our internet. I am trying to download the security suite after the antivirus that came with the laptop is due to expire tomorrow. We have used our 5gig allowance so are on dialup and the download window was saying it is going to take between 8hrs and 19hrs, it is a 50meg file. The lady said I should wait untill we get our new allowance then download it, problem is I deleted the old antivirus because it told me to before I downloaded the new one, do I have to stop browsing the net or should I just be careful? How long should it take to download? shouldn't we be getting 56kb/s on dialup, considering we were on broadband when they drop our speed surley it shouldnt drop to between 1 and 12kb/s.

Also, how much broadband do you usually use in a month and what do you do on the net. We basically surf the net, browsing forums like this, using trademe and facebook and checking e-mails. We dont download music or movies so i dont know where it all goes.

I am seriously thinking of changing providers, its just changing email address that is the problem. Who do you recommend? I am looking at vodafone as we also have sky and our cellphones with them.

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12 years 10 months ago #383875 by sod
Replied by sod on topic how long to download
We have vodafone package BBand/land line phone and out e-mail address are and so we could change providers no need to change address and we are happy with it as we do a lot of NZ toll calls and they are free in the package. We do lot all you say and overseas contacts dont do facebook etc much, do sella and have 3sometime4 computers on. I would say check vodafone out they have some with cell phones in packages I think

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12 years 10 months ago #383888 by DiDi
Replied by DiDi on topic how long to download
I have been with vodafone for many years (actually ihug before Voda bought then out) and I have always been happy with the service I get and their technicians when you need them.

I too have BB/land line with them. Originally I was on 1GB but then kept tipping over the edge so was paying $5 extra a month for 2 GB. I then had a person say that for $5 more (not including the $5 extra I was paying) I could have 5GB. I agreed as with so much downloading while house hunting etc I was running out of 2GB usually 2 - 4 days early. Pain in the proverbial! Just recently they put it up to 8GB for no extra price! Awesome! Now I don't think twice about watching whatever I want as there is no way in hell I am going to use 8GB.

Mind, I am not sure how the price of my package (I have a few add-ons such as caller ID, call waiting etc compares with the price to a new customer as my basic price was always much cheaper than advertised. No harm in getting a quote. :D

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12 years 10 months ago #383901 by kiwi_jon
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skyline glenn,

On broadband when they throttle you back it is actually to 64kb/s i.e kilobits/s (kb/s). Download speed is measured in kilobytes/s kB/s). There are 8 bits in a byte so 64kb/s = 8kB/s download speed, the maximum download speed you can attain while throttled.

Your actual speed will depend on how good your ADSL network is, data contention rates on the DSL network etc.

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