Empty eggs wanted from a variety of birds

12 years 9 months ago #27759 by greenfingers
Hi all,

The Playcentre I attend with my children has a large number of city children who are only familiar with the regular brown or white hens eggs from the supermarket.

I want to put together a display of eggs as well as photos of the breed of birds that laid them, to show them how egg sizes and colours vary i.e. quails, budgies, cockatiels, ducks, geese, any other chicken eggs, Ostrich...etc, etc, etc

Would anyone be willing to send me 1-2 eggs that they've blown the contents of? It would be great if you could include some feathers of the birds that laid the eggs too. Some kids think all chickens are red because my Shavers are the only live chickens they've ever seen! :(

PM me if you think you can help, and yes, I've contacted my local Poultry club too! I thought I might get a wider variety of birds represented if I asked on here too!

Thanks :D :D :D

9.5 acres with 300-odd pines and lots of wobbly fences [:D]

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