Fork!!!!! What a quake!!!!

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It has been just over a month now and it is still so surreal. Life has changed so much I find it hard to believe.

We've had to move twice - once to get out of the house and into a motel, and once to a tiny (but pretty) one bedroom flat because they changed the house inspection process and the insurance money had no chance of covering the new amount of time it will take to fix the house.

Mu fiancee's business is in car audio/alarms/phone kits etc. Needless to say after the quake, business is (understatement) slow. He and all the employees are on the government wage assistance and working fewer hours. Hopefully enough business will start to come in soon to keep them afloat until insurances start to pay people & businesses out and they need to replace car audio, company cars need GPS, phone kits etc re-installed. As for me, I had a sewing workroom at home, but now there's no home. I am in the process of negotiating working from a friend's house but my hours will have to be cut right back to reduce the likelihood of outstaying my welcome lol.

Even driving from one suburb to another you see evidence of the quake everywhere. Houses are reduced to rubble or have gaping holes where walls once stood. Beautiful old churches are dust. roads are lumpy - this ranges from the "cellulite" look of lots of small bumps clumped together over a space of several metres, to (gone now, but) a large lump of liquefaction which rose up under the road and made a lump about a metre high at the highest point and about the size of a small house around. There's no such thing as a smooth drive any more!

We can't get into the CBD. We were only shown images of some of the damage on a montage screened at the memorial service. There were views of streets and shops in the CBD, I didn't even know where they were. They were unrecognizable. It is strange to live so close to this and not even be aware of the full extent. So incredibly weird to see armed tanks patrolling the streets.

Right now, my life is full of arguments with insurance companies, budgeting as hard as possible for every possible scenario over the next 9 or 10 months (or longer) until we can be in our house again, applying for every kind of aid we are eligible for (so far only a small food grant and red cross) and general worrying - there's a generous amount of that lol. Plus the cat has just been rescued from the cattery and let loose in the new flat - he's inside for 2 weeks and will not shut up - i want to kill him! (lucky he's such an awesome cat lol)

Things are not settling to normal like they did after the first quake. They won't be normal for a long time I think.

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