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11 years 5 months ago #26184 by PeterNZ
Hello Kate,

I realsied that the "Active Topics" screen shows a different result than the "Quick Links|Active Topics" screen. Is there a reason for that? Here are some screenshots:

Screen when using the "Active Topics" menue in the menu bar:

Screen when using the "Active Topics" sub menue under "Quick Links" in the menu bar:

I much prefer the second one but it is an additional mouse click. :D NOt sure if it is easy to fix. It is not a biggy.



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11 years 5 months ago #364485 by kate
Hi Peter

There is a slight difference, the Active Topics on the menubar gets new topics, the Active Topics in the Quick Links menu gets topics from that day.... I could put in a drop-down list of new posts in the last day/2days/week if that's what people want?

What do people want to see when they click on 'Active Topics'?


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11 years 4 months ago #364539 by Kiwi303
Is there a way of doing a "Since visit before previous visit" ?

My biggest problem is sometimes when I sign in, before the page is fully loaded, the site times out or the connection is lost, and then when I re-load the page, it thinks I visited, logged out, and now am making a NEW visit, so only the new topics in the minute or two since the timeout happened are shown as new. If a "Visit before previous" option is available, I could see what was new since the last time I REALLY logged in, as opposed to what the site THINKS was my last login.

Currently I just have to try and remember when I was last there, and peer at the timestamps of last posts.

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