Could this be the same cat?

13 years 5 months ago #25759 by Rod Brown
My son and DILs 4 year old black (with brown tinge) cat suddenly went missing 11 months ago and they spent an extensive effort in try to find it but to no avail. They were in the process of accepting their loss and looking at getting another kitten which they had chosen however this week by pure chance my DIL was looking at a SPCA web site over a 100 km from their place (an area where the cat had never been near) and a photo came up of a cat that had been bought in over 3 months ago from the outskirts of town as a stray. Again maybe by chance no wanted to adopt this cat.

After exchanging more photos with the SPCA my DIL made the trip and was only 99% sure this was their Aston as he had no real distinguising marks (a bit of a teary experience). She took him home and although a few traits have come out this could be true of any cat but he is still quite nervy and hasn't indicated any "home" recognition.

Might the 11 months of a possibly traumatic ordeal change his personality or should he recognise home straight away, one hear of stories where cats return of their own accord months or years later so they must remember!

In any event they will accept this reunion as the real thing and he will continue to be treated like a king.

I would be interested to read comments from those who understand cat psychology more than me.


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13 years 5 months ago #359507 by The Kats Place
I'm sure that if by any chance it is not their cat, that he will still creep into their hearts and lives. Please let us know if he does show anymore signs of being their lost baby, and tell they to just enoy him for who he is now, cheers, lovely story.

Live your life in such a way that it will be easy for people to say nice things at your funeral [;)]

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13 years 5 months ago #359519 by RKH
Replied by RKH on topic Could this be the same cat?
I have no idea Rod but here is an experience I had about 10 years ago. I had a cat that disappeared when I moved house, after a week or so he just ran away, I assume to try to find our old home which was about 15km away. Anyway, he never turned up at the old place he just disappeared into thin air. About 9 months later I was hanging out the washing and heard a tiny little meow coming from somewhere under the house, I went to investigate and out Oscar came from under the house looking absolutely revolting! He had obviously been on some sort of adventure, but for 9 months?!! To this day I have no idea where he had been or what made him come home to the new house, it still amazes me to this day. Anyway, he is still alive and well at the ripe old age of 15 although his personality has never been the same, he is very skittish and shy with strangers and other animals (total change of character), because of that has been living with my parents since his return as he would never cope with my menagerie.

I guess if the cat you are talking about is the same one and has experienced a traumatic time then his personality could've changed like my cat's did, that was just my experience I'm certainly no cat expert!

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13 years 5 months ago #359556 by Ghilly
Replied by Ghilly on topic Could this be the same cat?
I have a friend who trains for marathons..... she drives into Cambridge to meet up with a running friend and they go off and run together.

Months ago, her cat disappeared. She looked everywhere, she lives rurally so all barns and sheds were checked.
Every time she went out training, she would scrutinize every black and white cat she saw while her friend gave her heaps and asked why her cat would be in Cambridge when she lives so far away?.....

Months later, she spotted a black and white cat at her friends place and asked if that cat had a 'smile' her friend thought she was nuts... but it did have a white mark on it's face that looked like a smile....

SO! my friends cat must have got into the car one night and when the destination had been reached, it jumped out without being seen. Since then, her friend had seen it around and thought it was a stray, it was coming inside and pinching their cats food.

Being good friends, they were able to throw a few rude names about at each other and my friend now has her beloved cat back, it's just like he never left. The other cats didn't blink an eye and the dogs cared not a jot.

My friends boys were thrilled to see the cat back again.
This cat is one of the litter that Tonks was in, and he Oooozes personality just like my Tonks.

The cat you DIL lost could well be the same cat as she found at the SPCA.... They can hitch rides by getting into a vehicle for a bit of a poke around and before they know where they are, the door or boot or whatever has been shut and off they go.... the noise of the vehicle moving may have been really scary so it laid low and snuck out when possible without the driver even knowing.

It's at these times, a micro chip comes in handy.

My friend had her cat micro chipped but because of his distinctive smile, she had no doubt in her mind as soon as she saw him that he was hers.

Her friend is probably never going to live this thing down..... especially as she was giving my mate a hard time about checking out every black and white cat she saw on their long runs. LOL.

Can I suggest that you DIL spends quite times with the cat maybe take a book and a cup of tea and some cat food or treats and leave them close by while she sits and has a cup of tea and a read..... if she can sit low to the ground so the cat can come up to her if it wants and let it smooch her hand and stuff...... as Margaret Rutherford said as Miss Marple "Slowly, slowly, catchy monkey".

All the best!


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