Anyone know anything about LMC lawn mowers?

13 years 5 days ago #25626 by Ghilly
Mum and Dad are going to put some money towards a lawn mower for us cos our two are not going, one is 22 year sold, the other is too small for the job but was bought to get into spaces the ride on wouldn't go.

After going to the Mega B store and getting a bloke who seemed keen to sell us a mower that said it had a 60 minute running time... we went to the M10 where we stood in the mower section with a fist full of pamphlets and waiting for the sales assistant to become available. He was joined by another sales bloke and they both talked to a woman about a weed eater... the woman walked away and both sales assistants turned away and walked off..... no 'can I help you?' nothing.... we went to another M10 and found a bloke who was willing to point out various mowers but not really that helpful.... so We left with more pamphlets and tried a Farm supply store..... starting with R and ending in 1..... there we found a young bloke who seemed to know what he was one about and showed us two different makes and various models..... One make was really really expensive and basically out of our league, the other was the LMC..... . It's got a hot dip galvanised deck. 190cc and does both mulching and catching...... Briggs and Stratton motor...... not self propelled and in this guys opinion, would do what we needed but it would be better if we got the next model up.... with is another $400...... the one above that is another $40 and the next one is $400 more than the last one...... basically from $1000, up to $1800 and something.... so also out of our league but would do the job without flinching....

Most of the mowers we looked at in the slightly more inner city shops were more for 'lawns' rather than our bit of rugged reclaimed paddock of a back yard.

I drooled. metaphorically speaking, over the rideons..... even the cheaper one was $8000 sigh.... but the deck would is too wide anyway.... poop!

I'm thinking these LMC mowers seem like hardy beasts... anyone got one or heard about them?


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13 years 4 days ago #358057 by sod
What size motor and deck are you looking at and how big is lawn?

Having time is a measure of enthusiasm:rolleyes:

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13 years 4 days ago #358093 by Ghilly
Sod, the lawn is around 1/4 acre... maybe a little more or's rough, definitely not what some would call a lawn... more like reclaimed paddock that gets away on us due to the lawn being too wet to mow (spring and autumn) or the mower not working.....

The specs for the mower we are looking at... LMC Roto Prince Briggs and Stratton Quantum 1/C 60?
Cut width 530mm (21") cut height 20mm - 110mm

Parallel cutting?
High lift steel bar blade
Large capacity Dracon easy breathe catcher
Galvanized chassis
and 5 year chassis warranty

The bloke in the shop did say that this would do the job but it would be pushing it..... as in the next model up would do it with a bit more ease.... but we will have to save up the extra for that....

Roto master, 3 in one cut and catch, mulch and spread Briggs and Stratton Intek 65OHV

Width cut is 20"
cuts to the same height as the Roto Prince

Mulching plug and side discharge chute are standard self propelled,
Zone start? 190cc 48 kg and 5 years warranty....

I think this one would be probably better but it's an extra $430.

There is one in between but it doesn't have any specs on the pamphlet.... that's a Roto Master (no three in one)......

If I could find another $430 I think I'd go for the 3 in 1 cos it mulches.. which would feed the lawn... scabby patch of grass around the house (lol)

Oooh decisions decisions.... right now, with the way I'm feeling health wise, I could do with a chauffer driven rideon with a little trailer at the back for me to sleep in LOL.


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13 years 4 days ago #358097 by arnie.m
Mulching units are only good on Dry Short grass, and don't work on tall thick or wet grass. Remember a rough lawn area becomes a smooth lawn area after several cuts, don't know where you are getting your prices from but they seem dear, ride ons start at around $4500. A side discharge scatters the grass better and acts almost like a mulching mower. Hope that assists.

88 Valley

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