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16 years 1 month ago #2556 by Hestia
It seems as if EU is to put a ban to fireworks that are out of bomb model. Fireworks that detonate on ground, but only these ones(?).
I think they look at fireworks in a different way than we do since most animals are locked up during new year since it is midwinter and horses and cows are in barns.
A 16 year old swedish boy walked up to a bomb that hadn't gone off, it was not his and he was not even involved and he just wanted to look at it.
it exploded when he was to look at it and he was in hospital for a week but his damages were to serious and he didn't make it.

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16 years 1 month ago #74250 by Ghilly
Replied by Ghilly on topic fireworks EU, accidents
Someone over towards the East of us was using some huge booming fireworks on New Years. They actually lit up the sky like lightning and I'm not talking about sky rocket type fireworks. These ones sounded like bombs going off and looked like there was a battle going on (based on what I've seen in the movies and not real experience.) For a split second I thought it was actually thunder and lightning but it was far too regular. Someone else slightly to the north of us had one of those air horns and were also sending off fireworks. My goats were in a right state!!! I was worried for the horses in the various neighbours paddocks. I was also worried for Dodie but she didn't seem at all phased. Good thing too. If she'd decided to make a break for it in a panic she could have ended up in the creek which is very very boggy.
I wouldn't have been able to stop her, great fat tart she is!;)

Every time something went off, the goats bolted for the shelter, the lights and noise would die down and they'd come out then bolt again when the next round was lit. The air horn echoed around the whole area and as for the explosions over to the east, I'm surprised Pumpkingirl didn't hear them if she was home. They were massive! There is a small hill over the other side of the motorway and the booms were coming from somewhere on the other side, at what distance, I don't know.

I was feeding the boys their last bottle for the night when 12 O'clock struck and all hell broke loose. I felt quite helpless as all my darlings panicked.
I thought it was illegal to set off fireworks before or after Guy Fawkes?


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