Ambury Park Open Day Tomorrow

13 years 4 months ago #24891 by Ghilly
For anyone in the Auckland region, Ambury Park is having an open day on the 10th of October (tomorrow) and in the spirit of promoting rare breeds and my obsession with my goats, namely the Anglo Nubians, I have agreed to be there to up the numbers of rare breeds. (I didn't know I would have to be up at 6am and have the goats in and settled by 8:30am Oh joy!)

If anyone is going, I'll be in the rare breeds section with my goats and my eyes at half mast.
And yes, Atticus Finch will be there, along with Yakira and Hanukkah and possibly Cricket..... I haven't decided.


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13 years 4 months ago #350381 by max2
Replied by max2 on topic Ambury Park Open Day Tomorrow
An address might be good Yakut.... :)

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13 years 4 months ago #350385 by Stikkibeek
West side of Mangere mountain, off Wallace Road. Muir Avenue to Ambury Road. Pretty sure it's sign posted.

If you google map it and enter Ambury park, it brings up the peninsular to give you a good idea of how it's situated. You don't want the road that leads to the RDA centre. That's Wellesly road.

Did you know, that what you thought I said, was not what I meant :S

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13 years 4 months ago #350404 by Ghilly
Last time it was sign posted from the Mangere Bridge village. I hope it is again this year, I got lost coming home though.. figured I was heading in the right direction so I kept going and finally found some familiar landmarks.


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13 years 4 months ago #350669 by Ghilly
Wow it was a full on day, same as last year. The place was heaving with people, thousands of kids wanting to pat the baby goat.

Some thought he was a rabbit LOL and some asked if the goats were dogs??? Big dogs!

Atticus was so funny, I put the big cat cage in the pend for him so he could have his own wee space when he needed it. He spent a bit of time bouncing around, a lot of time in my arms being patted and funny wee moments when he would go into the cage for a short while and then, come belting out like a cannon ball and assume the 'pose'. He reminded me of a small boy in a Superman costume standing with his legs apart and hands on his hips, looking very proud of himself. People who had just arrived and were looking over the side of the rails would all "OH! Ahhhhhh look at the baby" as Atticus made his entrance. I'm sure he did it for effect! LOL

I was holding Atticus and my arms were aching but more and more kids would arrive wanting to pat the baby and parents taking photos of their tots patting him. He was VERY laid back and practically fell asleep in my arms.
One small boy wanted to pat him so handed his Dad his Toffee apple which had become more of a mess on a stick. Out came a sticky little hand and gave Atticus a couple of flat palm pats. Eeeuuuwwwww. Atticus didn't seem to be sticky so I wondered just how much goat hair was stuck to the hand of the Toffee Apple eater.

Pretty much all the kids were well behaved and just patted, a couple of tiny tots were aiming to poke eyes and be a bit heavy handed but their parent would control what they were up to.

I don't know why, the same thing happened last years when I packed up. I ended up with two kids intent on sticking around and being a bit of a worry. No parents or guardians in sight. They weren't being bad or naughty but I could have done without them getting in the way when I was trying to load everything. One had noticed that I had been picking up pooh and had a bucket full of tollies collected during the day. I was backing the ute up to the gate when he opened the passenger door to inform me the big one had done poohs again. A couple of parents with a tot decided to walk behind the ute with their tot when I was only a couple of metres from the gate???? I don't THINK they were deaf or blind but they didn't seem too happy about seeing the ute so close. I had had to back up for about 6 metres so there's no way they couldn't have seen the ute backing up. I was crawling very very slowly, aware of the fact that it was a public space but why on earth would parents with a tiny tot stand right behind the ute when they could have stood off to one side and seen just as much?

I finally told the two kids that I was now bringing the goats out and they needed to stand well back or they might get trampled.
My girls wouldn't trample anyone but I know what they're like when they need to go back into the ute and didn't need two kids getting in the way. As it was, Hanukkah decided to make a strong pull back to the pen so I went with her, dragging Yakira behind me.
I managed to get them both sorted and we had another approach at the ute. A bit of insistence form me and Hanukkah went in... this is where I have to get Yakira in quick before Hanukkah decides to jump out again.

I managed to get her in with a bit of a lift of her back end for encouragement. Thankfully, the two kids were standing way back and letting me get on with it.

Sometimes it gets embarrassing cos some kids just will not keep out of the way no matter what you say.

All in all, it was a great day for the Rare Breeds Society.

The couple who had organised it had a Kunekune sow with 6 three week old Piglets. Oooh they were so very very cute. One was the colour of a ginger cat, complete with stripes and a white tummy. They also bought a Gotland Lamb who was very sociable but fell off the table in the tent and hurt it's back leg. I don't think it did any serious damage but it was limping. They'd also bought a pair of Polish Bantams, such flash hairdos!!!

Two of the piglets were being bottle fed and were making little attempts to see if anyone on the other side of the post and rail fencing had a bottle for them. The couple were catching a couple of piglets and taking them around for pats which went down a treat and when it was bottle time, some lucky kid got to feed them. They were on tiny amounts of milk, often, so there were many opportunities to feed a piglet. Mummy pig was very content and not at all worried about her babies being picked up. They would squeal a bit and some would settle down, some would be put down and another picked up.

Because the Rare Breeds Society was there just to promote breeds, we were all given food vouchers so could go off and get something to eat. Man some of the food being sold was expensive!!!!!
I used all but one dollar of my vouchers on Paella thinking I'd have a least three cups of tea left in the thermos but when I went to pour a cup..... Oooooh it was all watery with lumps and didn't look very nice at all..... something had happened between the last cup I'd had and the one I poured out after lunch. By the time I got home I was spitting feathers! The contents of the thermos were poured into the sink... slightly coloured water came out, then lumps of stuff that looked like tea coloured cream cheese or something.... euuuwwww!!!!! SO! That's what happens when you make a thermos of tea the night before and it gets to a certain temperature later the next day!

I didn't get to see all the sites at the open day but there were kids wandering around with painted faces and animal masks they'd coloured in themselves, shearing demonstrations, spinning, cow milking, a hay maze, carriage rides, kite flying, mustering, a farm yard, vintage engines, tractors of all descriptions puttering about. Ooh I saw one that was really high and had like a vintage car soft top on it! Someone said they had come all the way out from Pukekohe on the back roads.

They really have an all out open day at Ambury Park and I know when I worked in a school in Chch, some kids, especially new immigrant children, hadn't seen a cow before! So it really is an experience for familes. Loads of tiny tots in or barely out of nappies. Some were keen to touch the animals, others seemed keen but would pull their hands back at the last minute. Those that weren't so sure would have their hands clenched and used their knuckles to touch the animal. They were funny. As soon as contact was made, the wee hand would whip back and either stay close to the chest or cling to whoever was holding them.

Yakira made friends with one of the sheep who'd been through the shearing demonstration. There was a pen on the opposite side of the area where the sheep were ending up and by the afternoon, that pen had quite a few sheep in it. Yakira heard one of them calling so she answered.... and started a long loud chat. Oooh she was fair bellowing! and being answered!

Thankfully, no rain, a bit of cloud that cooled things off a bit too much sometimes and sun that felt as if it was burning through my jeans but all in all a good day.


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