Just venting today - sorry

13 years 9 months ago #24375 by ronnie
Had a major "discussion" with Telecom this morning about an incorrect account. All they wanted to know about, was when was I going to pay the bill, which isn't due for payment till next week [:0]

About 3 months ago, I got conned into signing up for a 10GB plan, which I knew I would never use. Anyway, rang them straight back and cancelled it. Got a letter about it last week, which again told me I knew nothing about what my usage was and really needed this plan. Rang again and cancelled it. Got latest bill and you guessed it - still being charged for this upgraded plan that I have no need for and will never use. Rang them again and CANCELLED it. Also explained that if I get any more correspondence or grief over this matter, I will be changing providers as I am sick of their crap.

Then I opened the account from the doctors office. It is a bill going back to 2009 [:0] So they got grief over the phone as well. They were paid in full, in cash about 6 weeks ago. She has no idea how this account has come to being so just bin it - which I was happy to do.

Wonder what the 3rd thing for the day will be - and its not even 9am yet.

OK, vent over, feel much better thanks

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13 years 9 months ago #344451 by beedee
Replied by beedee on topic Just venting today - sorry
Id be ph'ing the docs back and ask for an account that sez you have paid in full.. just in case its slipped through and gone to the baycorp type bill collectors for proof.
Telecom what can we say.. the CEO is only getting $4M this year instead of $7 where do you think its coming from?????????????????????????????
Id have a cup of coffee and ph them and ask what plan you are on and if its still the expensive one. kill your relationship immediately.

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