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13 years 11 months ago #23857 by Ghilly
I was talking with the neighbour who has horses the other day, one of her horses had a hole in a leg tendon 3/4 of the size of the tendon. She was walking the horse to give it exercise and the vet said it would take about 10 months to heal.
She was researching the problem and found the product CN. After three months of giving her horse this product, the hole has repaired and she is able to ride him, just walking but he is definitely better. She'd seen the first scan of the hole and the next scan with the hole repaired so she is well impressed with this CN stuff. It was developed for humans but is now available for equine and any other animal that has a problem, it's not just for mending but feeds the cells of the body as well. She said the course cost her $200 for the large container but in her opinion was well worth it for the speediness in recovery, which made her horse feel better in a quicker time. Seems like it was worth it to me.

The website, like a lot of websites, doesn't include prices which is a pain but they have an enquiry e-mail thing. I just thought it would be worthwhile to pass on. My neighbour is a equine massage therapist and decided it's such a good product she has decided to distribute it through her business. Apparently it's not available in shops or feed stores only through private distributors who have client bases.... or off the website.

It's not a drug, it's some sort of herbal thing and can be taken along with prescribed medicines or if in doubt, talk to your vet or Dr. Well that's what the website recommends.


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13 years 11 months ago #338843 by tonic
Replied by tonic on topic Cellular Nutrition product
hi there,

my vet highly recommends this, she wants me to try it on my horse with melanomas becoming a problem.

as i understand it is a rice based product that feeds the cells directly, basically kick starting them towards optimum health. this makes the whole body respond with improved health and immune system, so it can heal and fight off issues on its own.

it is expensive, but from what i have heard it is pretty marvelous stuff. it comes in human and animal form, though my vet said it was the same thing but more expensive to buy the human stuff....

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