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13 years 8 months ago #23261 by max2
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Due to an unexpected pregnancy in the road, we have had 2 puppies for a few months and they are now 5 months old.

However when I feed them a well known name but cheap brand of dog biscuits, they have the runs something shocking, regardless of how long they are on the kibble for.

If I buy the expensive, same manufacturer but upper end of the market kibble they are absolutely fine. Our neighbours pup and mother reacts exactly the same way to the same products.

As the foods come from the same manufacturer, what is going into the cheaper kibble to give our dogs the runs, or what isn't going into the expensive one to keep them pooping normally?

(we also feed them various forms of fresh meat, mash spuds and rice left over from dinner for those concerned they are not receiving variety, these bits do not change the result either way).

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13 years 8 months ago #331923 by ccrk9
Replied by ccrk9 on topic Dog biscuits/kibble
Compare the labels. Often cheap foods have a cereal base as their main protein content with less meat based protein. They also are often not made to a consistant recipie- what ever meat is cheap at the time will go in the mix-it could be beef, chicken or mutton or a mix of, depending on the market at the time. Cheaper foods may also use more rendered rubbish products like skins and feathers and hooves/feet. They are often for some odd reason heavy in food colouring as well. I know one dog biscuit labeled as liver flavour gives my Labrador the runs really maybe there is to much offal in the cheap product.

More expensive foods tends to use the a consistant recipie - ie its made the same all the time regardless of fluctuations in market prices of meat. They will often have less cereal based proteins in them than the cheaper products.

You should be able to find details of the food on a web site or ring the manufactuer and ask if the labels are not clear.

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13 years 8 months ago #331951 by DiDi
Replied by DiDi on topic Dog biscuits/kibble
Very much what ccrk9 said. You first port of call is to look at the ingredients list and knowing that the list is meant to indicate the value on a first listed, main ingredient basis in order down the list, you can quickly work out what it is based on.

If it says Beef, chicken, whatever - great. If it says beef byproduct, chicken byproduct whatever - not so good. Could be anything that they scraped up from the remaining carcass including feathers, hooves etc. If it includes Beef and/or Chicken Meal, that in itself is not a problem as it is more often than not is a more condensed concentrate than the actual meat (to do with the amount of water in the raw meat). Cereal - in my book - no way! Dogs will eat grass and vegetables but oat and barley etc? So not natural. That is my personal opinion anyway having done a huge study on this subject after my bitch developed a huge struvite crystal. The Vet's choice was to feed her a very well know dry diet (HSD) and it was absolute c**p made up of maize etc. She was like a washed out rag so I changed her to Orijen and she is so well and healthy.

You get what you pay for seemingly but you can make the choice between cheaper feeds once you know how to read the label. DO NOT presume anything by the lovely pictures on the cover.

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13 years 8 months ago #331982 by sod
Replied by sod on topic Dog biscuits/kibble
Get hold of the manufacturer and tell them what you have said here and tell them you think they are unhealthy for dogs they should respond fast as if it gets around very bad for them(evil grin)

Having time is a measure of enthusiasm:rolleyes:

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