Carpet layer?

14 years 3 weeks ago #22799 by Ghilly
Carpet layer? was created by Ghilly
I give in.... I think..... anyone know of a carpet layer in Nth Waikato?

The knife is blunt and I've been using a pair of those old 'cut anything' scissors which have worked up a blister on my finger that is being worn away by the handles of the scissors.

I just want the house back to normal, we haven't eaten properly for days and I'm dangling at the end of a very frayed nerve trying to figure out how to work around not having the right tools and just... just Arrgghhh!

A carpet laying person would have the job done in less than a day and be home in time for afternoon tea, no doubt laughing their arse off at my attempt.

I have failed!


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14 years 3 weeks ago #326783 by GrantK
Replied by GrantK on topic Carpet layer?
Carpet Laying is difficult to get right if you don't know the tricks. I have hired a carpet layer on each occasion we needed to get it done, and after watching how they work, and the various tools that are employed, I would never attempt it myself, unless I was down to my last $500.

I would suggest looking in the Yellow Pages under Carpet Layers for the South Auckland area:

The first one of those "Carpet Patch & Repair Co." was the guy I used last year when selling our Auckland house, and he was excellent, very skilled, patient, and with all the right tools. However, he wasn't cheap, and he doesn't appear to go as far south as Franklin, which is a pity, because I can't speak of him highly enough.

Try some of the others, and see if they work in your area.

Live weather data and High/Low records for our farm at:

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14 years 3 weeks ago #326810 by Ghilly
Replied by Ghilly on topic Carpet layer?
After a brief meltdown and a cup of tea, I decided to just try and work with what I've got. I've found a big wide cold chisel (coal chisel) well anyway, it works well when you shove the carpet into the edges with it. It kind of creates a crease.

We're having to use three bits for the lounge but we've got some carpet tape so hopefully, allowing for me cutting straight lines, the joining will hopefully work.......
I tried folding the carpet over at the edges but it seemed more like hard work than a good idea. There's no point in buying all the flashy tools needed for the job, it would work out cheaper to pay someone to do it... no drama, no loss of hair, no falling into crumpled heaps of despair when it just doesn't seem to want to lie flat, no matter which way you swivel it.

I shot into Pukekohe and got us a takeaway roast each after deciding neither of us has had much of anything to eat for a while. Not much point in trying to stagger about on two cylinders and mess it up totally. The goats have been attended to and I am now going to go and sleep...... hopefully....... Last night Tonks and Phoebe took turns at jumping on the bed and landing on me, then Phoebe started her dramatic rock opera about a cat who is starving to death and no body cares, Phoebe being the star of the show as well as director and producer, wardrobe director, music director, in fact, she blows her own trumpet!

Tonks just wants cuddles..... and every time I move, she moves and has to go through her whole 'settling' routine.

I know, I know, I could kick them out of the bed room but how boring would that be huh? It's just their way of laying claim to me and right now Phoebe and Tonks are not wishing to share.

There's enough room on the bed for Phoebe, Tonks and Bria if they all used the space they need rather than sprawl all over the place like a bunch of exhausted Octopus . It seems they think that if they can touch an area it's theirs, whether they need it or not. Bria does not need to lie sideways across the bed with her back legs stretched back as far as the can without detatching. Tonks is lolling about like she's on a Chase Lounge. Phoebe parks herself like a ruddy Sphynx at the head of the bed.

Phoebe has had her front paws sprayed with Stress Med and the house is now quiet. The medication she's on makes her nag, the more she nags, the louder she gets and she can't always have what she wants.


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14 years 3 weeks ago #326811 by beedee
Replied by beedee on topic Carpet layer?
You have not failed Yakut, you have entertained us all and not one other LSBer will ever try to lay or lie or even roll a carpet by themselves!!
gosh we used to be 'on the railways' and every year when we were shifted on father would roll up the carpet square [that matted stuff in those days] and lay it at the next house... railway houses seemed to have the same sized lounge at each place [small]. so I am against wall to wall.. hope a solution comes up soon for you

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14 years 3 weeks ago #326824 by Ghilly
Replied by Ghilly on topic Carpet layer?
After having takeaway roast dinners each, we sat and watched a bit of TV and chilled out, I took a whole sleeping pill with my medication instead of half. This meant if I didn't shift my butt and get the goats fed etc, I could possibly fall asleep before I came back in side, so I HAD to hustle ha ha!
I've slept in the shelter before when Tumnus was sick and was more than a little weirded out when, a few days later I cleaned out the shelter and found a dead rat under the wall.... near to where I had fallen asleep.

I'm going into Pukekohe today to buy a Stanley Knife.. one with a sharp blade. The one I'm trying to use has some nicks out of the blade and it's a bit rusty and it keeps sliding back into the handle.

The correct tools are expensive, there is a doohickey that you run along the edge of the wall and it cuts the carpet as you go, plus the knee thing to stretch the carpet. I think they're around $125 and $150 respectively.

The job would go a little easier if I didn't have two dogs and three cats trying out the carpet to see how comfortable it is to sleep on, roll around on, stretch out on, sharpen claws on and traction testing to see how much grip they can get on it as they race outside.

Even Bria, who is still limping, has been hurtling in and out.

The big difference in the new carpet can be felt walking from the lounge into the hallway where the old carpet is. It's like you're walking from carpet onto concrete, the ground is suddenly hard.

We found out the old carpet wasn't laid over bumps, the bumps were made up of foam dust from the old underlay which had sort of pooled into mounds.

I think we'll have just enough carpet to do the hallway as well. That will get rid of the worn edges in the doorways, every join has frayed, with help from the cats who scratch the carpet at the door when they want in or out.

My next trick will be to cut a straight edge the width of the lounge... I have to join the carpet and I know you're suppose to avoid joins in heavy traffic areas but when you have limited carpet and it's been cut to fit somewhere else, well you just have to make it fit the best way you can.

I also have to lever up the carpet edging thing, metal, nailed to the floor, nasty wee pointy bits in it to grip the carpet. The old foam backing is stuck to it so I need to jemmy the edge up and clean out the backing with a wire brush and hopefully, if I do it carefully enough, the edge of this gripper rod track thing will hammer back down ok and hold the carpet in its tiny teeth.
There are three more of these things in the hallway and with the carpet all frayed away, they make for abrupt wakeup calls if you stand on the bared spiky bits in bare feet, just as bad in socks though.

It'll be so nice to be able to vacuum the carpet and not have to stop and remove lengths of frayed carpet from the power head of the vacuum cleaner.
At least the only furniture in the hall is the stuff from the lounge so I won't have to shuffle anything else out of the way.

In spite of managing to get all the lounge furniture stashed away, the line up of furniture was stacked in wrong and I can't open the ruddy dishwasher door far enough to load it, put the powder in the door and set it to work. The china cabinet is in the way and of all the furniture, the china cabinet is the heaviest and the most 'fragile'. Not just because of the contents but because it has spindly wooden legs that screw into wooden threads and the blocks of wood with the threads for the legs are a bit weak. I've already had to glue one back together. It can't be dragged or put down too heavily so it's 'lift, shuffle, down, lift, shuffle, down', until it's in place. It's bloody heavy!

Just think, if I got on with it, instead of writing about it, I could have it done sooner!


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14 years 3 weeks ago #326825 by GrantK
Replied by GrantK on topic Carpet layer?
Yakut, if you are intent on doing this job yourself, because of the joints in the middle of heavy traffic areas, there is a vital tool you will need. Carpet tape is going to come unstuck quicker than you can say Jack Robinson, especially once you start stretching it with the knee stretcher.

You need to buy some strips of carpet repair tape with hot-melt glue backing. And then you need to buy or hire the tool which is basically like a big electric iron. Once the tape is positioned in place, you apply the iron on top of the carpet, gently slide it along the joint, and the glue on the backing strips melts into the hessian backing of the carpet. The trick is to use the iron just enough so that the glue is properly melted all along its length, but before it burns the carpet, or the glue melts right through to the point where it can be seen. If you do it right, you will have a very durable joint, which is strong enough to be used anywhere, even in a doorway.

This is the key to getting a successful job in your case, where you have several pieces of old carpet needing to be joined in a durable fashion. The "Carpet Patch & Repair Co." guy showed me how to do this, but unless you are doing it often, you would get out of practice, and it is just so easy to get it wrong that I wouldn't want to try unless I was out of options.

Live weather data and High/Low records for our farm at:

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14 years 3 weeks ago #326827 by Hawkspur
Replied by Hawkspur on topic Carpet layer?
I agree with Grant K regarding carpet tape. No good when you use a stretcher. It may look ok initially but the carpet will creep off it leaving gaps.

You may be able to hire a knee stretcher rather than buy it- you could years ago, and they are worth using with second hand carpet because it will have stretched more in some places already (which will be why it is refusing to lie flat[}:)]).

Smoothedge is the spiky stuff around the edge for retaining the carpet and it can be reused if it is in good nick, and yes it is no good under thin carpet! We moved into a house that had new cheap carpet and it was such rubbishy stuff that, despite it being new, it was so thin we got spiked by the Smoothedge.[:(!]

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  • ergman
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14 years 3 weeks ago #326925 by ergman
Replied by ergman on topic Carpet layer?
I like to use carpet scraps for wrapping outdoor pipes in the winter to protect against freeze damage.The mulching idea is great too. Wish I had enough to do that.

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14 years 3 weeks ago #327012 by beedee
Replied by beedee on topic Carpet layer?
Ergman if you know a carpet layer, ask them to save you a rolled up bundle of old carpent and for them to txt you and you will come collect, it will save them taking it to the dump.
Yakut we are waiting for the update.. did you or didnt you.. I find stanley knives always snap shut when they have a job to do.
do I understand that you are trying to lay the carpet with furniture still in the room??? I think you'd better go and kidnap some strapping big lads travelling down the m'way.. to come shift it all for you.
I shall stick to the old feltex patch here for another year, unless I win Lotto. You have put me off completely

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14 years 3 weeks ago #327077 by max2
Replied by max2 on topic Carpet layer?
Bugger going to Puke' for an overdone roast, I am hooked on the Indian takeaway from Mercer just for the butter chicken.

You must be closer than me?

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14 years 3 weeks ago #327211 by Ghilly
Replied by Ghilly on topic Carpet layer?

swaggie;313392 wrote: Bugger going to Puke' for an overdone roast, I am hooked on the Indian takeaway from Mercer just for the butter chicken.

You must be closer than me?

The last time we went there, we got butter chicken and some rice to bring home and share, we got two bits of chicken each and I mean chopped up chunks not actual pieces. Loads of liquid but the search for the chicken with a holey spoon was over almost before it began.

It takes 4 minutes to get to Mercer from here. They shut up shop and are in darkness by 9pm which why I often go to Pukekohe for takeaways. Lums fish and chips and the new kebab shop where the old pub used to be is pretty good.

By the time I had got over myself, I just wanted food and to go to bed.... I still had to attend to the goats and put Arthur and Martha the two young chickens, to bed. They have taken to roosting on the front doorstep so I put them on their perch in the little old shelter... I need to move it to where I can train them to get themselves to bed..... long story, basically me not getting around to it.. one of those two minute jobs that you just don't get around to until the enth moment.. usually after you've recovered from injury received because you didn't do it months ago....

The ratbags pooh on the doorstep (wooden kitset and very old, covered with rodent netting to stop arsing over). I keep spraying the hose over the step but the buggars keep using the step..... I know, I know, I'll get onto it and shift the bloody shelter.

We are having a 'rest' from the carpet situation. Kim's busy with work and we need to go into Manukau and have a rummage around to see what we can find suitable for joining carpet.... hell, it's free second hand carpet that is 100% better than the rubbish we had down, if we end up with a tacked join down the middle of the room, it will still be better than the previous eyesore.

We'd pulled up a lot of the old carpet, which actually fell apart when we tried to pull it up. Big chunks kept getting sucked up the vacuum cleaner, it was rotten from the sun and thin and nylon and just nasty so walking on what is down so far is like walking on a cushion.
It HAS to be warmer in winter. Practicality comes first and I know I'll probably get an earfull when Mum and Dad come up cos they offered to pay for someone to lay it for us, hell, they even said if the carpet wasn't any good, they'd pay for some new stuff..... I have to draw a line... it's not like the house will fall down if the carpet isn't laid by and expert.
I think it may have been a bit easier if it had been one piece of carpet but we wouldn't have been able to get it inside if it had been one piece.

Oh and Beedee, no, we've moved the furniture out but we have the two couches and chairs inside and move them when we need to, outside onto the deck. There's nowhere else to put them.


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14 years 3 weeks ago #327317 by Ghilly
Replied by Ghilly on topic Carpet layer?
We finally have the right sort of tape. We went into Carpet Court in Pukekohe and man, what service!!! I spoke to a woman out the front and she took me out to see a bloke at the back and they talked about what I needed and we discussed it and I followed her to the tape. It is now just a matter of cutting two straight lines...... then two more straight lines.... and then two more... depending on how straight the other edges are.
Then it all gets stuck together..... the trick will be to get it smooth along the tape edges so the carpet doesn't pucker.

I know there will be hidden vertical learning curves still lurking but I'll just have to work with it and remember, you can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear but you might to make some sort of bag out of it and do a good job, if you really needed a place to put your change. It may not be pretty but it does the job.

We found a book at the Pokeno Market last week about Art Deco Houses and I must say, if you squint at the lounge through someone elses glasses, it does have a slight Deco motif to it. We couldn't find ready made curtains at the red shed that were long enough for the ranch slider so I bought some yellow curtain material and cut a long strip off it, then I cut the curtains in widthways and sewed in the yellow strip about 3/4 of the way up. This gave the curtains the length we needed and also put a bit of life into plain, dark blue curtains. The green of the carpet and dark blue of the curtains, light yellow wall paper and curtain addition. It just needs three horizontal lines of colour .... OH! curtain pelmets with half round beading three different lengths and painted in a contrasting colour.....

why don't I just shut up! When the carpet is down, the lounge has to be put back together, everything is being cleaned, surfaces, windows, ornaments and china cabinets and you name it. I'll even have to go over the walls with the brush on the vacuum cleaner. Once everything's done, there are two areas outside screaming in agony of neglect.... the fishpond garden and the vegetable garden, the edging on the deck has to be replaced and the back lawn needs some seed on it.... as does the vegetable garden... which needs weeding, leveling, filling and then seed.
I have no ruddy time for dreams of homemade art deco pelmets. There's a CD rack of some description waiting to be made, along with a bookcase and I need a cloche in the garden... which should be fairly easy so it will more than likely prove to be a Jabba the Hutt sized nightmare...... ( blame the Murphy chap).

I have the hall to carpet as well but that's not very big and I won't have to join it. I can cut it so it will butt against the carpets in the bedrooms and office and get rid of the frayed edges.
I lifted the spiky strip holding the carpet down between the lounge and the kitchen with a cold chisel and cleaned out around the little spikes with a small wire brush. It looks very similar to the new bits that were on show at Carpet court so I think I manged that selvage ok.
No sharp jemmy marks or bumps in it so it should flatten down ok.

Talk about disruption anxiety though. Pilot follows Rivka, Rivka follows Kim, when Rivka decides to taunt Pilot, she wanders about the house with no clear destination... Pilot will get growled at for hassling the cat. Meanwhile Phoebe is on hormone pills and is acting a little intense, she doesn't like Tonks much and Bria has decided that lying on her bed may have got her praise but she's missing out of goings on. Bria enters the chain of constant hassle. Tonks then darts up into the tower of stuff packed up in the corner of the kitchen and starts exploring (read, knocking things over) Bria knows she's not allowed up there and Even Stevens, if She's not allowed up there Tonks is well in trouble and needs to be tattled on, "Yap yap worried whimper, more whining, a bit of disgruntled growling from Bria cos I can't reach Tonks and even if I could reach her, it's highly likely it will turn into some mad scramble up the Matterhorn for Tonks and I don't want her breaking things. In the meantime, Bria has been told to mind her own business, Phoebe has been told to stop nagging many times and offered food, water from the tape (she likes that) cuddles.... no she just wants to walk around whining.
Rivka or Tonks has probably made it up to Kims office and parked right in front of the screen or wandering back and forth in front of it so half the screen is obliterated by a cat tail swaying gently in front of it.

None of them will settle.... we're hoping that when the lounge does back together, they'll feel a little more relaxed.

The two main bits of carpet are overlapping and that, along with the under lay makes it for a pretty cushy place to sleep, especially with their whisper thin dacron beds for use in the lounge. We found them easier to teach them if they had their own designated bed space and without these beds on the floor, we have no where to send them... so I hooked them back out of the bedroom, put them on the floor with a bit of niggle defense space between them and now it's a command to 'on your bed' and they know where they should be. That cats are a little different. Phoebe pads about in you lap and takes simply ages to settle and she's no sooner achieved this peak of relaxation than she's up and off again.

Tonks is a seek and destroy if she can't get your attention. Some little trinket will be lightly tapped with the utmost defiance so it plummets to the floor and Murphy kicks it to touch way under the bed or somewhere.

I think, the first night it's all back together, we might just get the wood burner going.

Sorting out the mismatched furniture and where to put it is going to take a lot of thinking about... some of the bits of furniture are really heavy and need a gentle hand moving them.

So close and yet so far.... Mum and Dad used to lay carpet in their flats sometimes so I've been getting pointers but the stuff they used 30 + years ago is outdated now.

I really need to get this carpet down, not just because it needs to be down but also it's the kiwi way, do it yourself! Ok, you draw the line at things like electrics and stuff but if you stuff up laying carpet, no ones going to be zapped, kicked up the backside maybe.... it just takes common sense and a lack of pedantic perfection (which in reality, is never achieved...... )
I'm a kiwi, I should be able to manage this, I don't believe it's too hard, I do believe I'm lacking the knowledge. If my Mum and Dad could do this, I believe I can too. I know I couldnt build a house like my Dad and I know I couldn't do loads of things like my mum but just being able to do things the DIY kiwi way when possible makes me feel like part of a society that can support itself.


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14 years 3 weeks ago #327319 by beedee
Replied by beedee on topic Carpet layer?
Now I am totally lost, missing chicken chunks and wandering cats and dogs.. where is the carpet now?? still rolled up.
Gosh if you even put your carpet down like the bits here are and that is tacked to the floor adn the bits of lino... means it wont shift or trip you up, and the cats cant flap it during the night trying to get your attention..
but you will have to move.. the first frost for may is this Sun night I think, so the carpet has to be down by then.
good luck for the taping.. I wonder if the shop took bets that you will be back asking for the job to be done by them!!!!!
Just changing the puter table the other week meant many hours of my cats checking things out, so I can understand the stress yours are under.. get some suitcases out and put on the front steps, that will really throw them so they will sneak inside them but keep them out of your hair for a few hours

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14 years 2 weeks ago #327390 by Ghilly
Replied by Ghilly on topic Carpet layer?
Actually, rather than stressed, I think they are enjoying the new 'landscape'
Rivka, when she's not all over Kim like a rug, spends a bit of time sprawled on the carpet enjoying the sun and space around her, no nearby furniture to hide a possible ambush by Tonks or Pilot.

We have one half of the lounge covered in carpet and now the other half needs to be done. I've found a bit of alloy beading that came off where the door was and that will be my straight edge to cut by.

At the moment I seem to be in a sort of eddy, just going around in ever decreasing circles not actually DOING anything.
It's a bit like when you're going out and you think you're ready to shut the door and get in the car but you remember something, so you go back, then you head out to the car and get in it, start it up then remember something else. Go back and get it and make it a few metres down the drive and remember something else that needed to be picked up or sorted before you leave and honestly, by the time you reach the road you're beginning to wonder if you'll ever get to where you need to be.

Well, I'm kind of at that stage, a bit hesitant on making the start for some reason but the nagging in the back of your head about the hold up and just get on with it...... hence the ever decreasing circles. If I'm not careful, I shall disappear up my own fundamental orifice. I think I'm stuck on how to cut a straight line and not balls it up. I'll get over it. It will get done.

The woman in the shop agreed it wouldn't be worth paying someone else to do it. The off the top of her head quote was $800.


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14 years 2 weeks ago #327396 by spoook
Replied by spoook on topic Carpet layer?
On cutting the straight line...... lay the two pieces to be taped together slightly overlapped. Now cut right through both, not through the flooring below [;)], this will leave you with a join that will match, be it perfectly straight or not.

You CAN do it, I know you can, so what are you diddling around for ???!!!
Look at the awesome job you did of the corner plastering ! :D

Maybe go to bed early, haha, get up with the intention of getting straight onto the carpet laying.. nothing else, ..... nothing! That will give you direction and focus. Tell yourself you have nothing else to do, just lay the carpet.

There are no bad questions only those that are not asked.
"You are responsible, forever, for what you have tamed"

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