And now its the chooks turn......

14 years 1 month ago #22748 by ronnie
When the hen turned up a week or so ago with 7 chicks in tow, we did a bit of shifting around of birds and houses.

Basically, the single rooster got turfed out and into the henhouse. hen with one chick was put in his cage, so hen with 7 chicks could have the big cage.

Well, single rooster lasted 2 days in the hen house and managed to get himself out. That is ok as long as he stays away from my back door.
He has spent his time hanging out around his old house.

The single chick manages to get herself out of the cage and has been hanging around with single rooster.

Well today, both single chick and her mum have managed to escape the pen and single rooster has taken up residence in there again [B)][:0][:0]

So I guess I just give up and let them decide where they want to live, as long as it is not on my back door step.

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