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14 years 1 month ago #21649 by Rod Brown
Gold fish was created by Rod Brown
I am building a gold fish pond out of two old concrete troughs and have just got 5 fish from a friends fairly large pond which is quite dirty, full of weed with a few water lilies and they never feed them.

My pond is obviously clean at the moment and I would like to pretty much keep it that way ( I don't see the point in having gold fish if you cant see them). I have put some oxygen weed and water snails in and soon will be putting a water lily in each pond.

Do I need to feed them? (in my clean pond) if so what and how much?

I know you can over feed and kill them!


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14 years 1 month ago #313439 by kaponga
Replied by kaponga on topic Gold fish
From what I've read, the recommended planting rate is one plant per square foot of water. I think its one inch of fish per foot also, but thats a little foggy. If you get the ratio right apparently you can keep the water clear.

But I wouldn't know. Our pond is full of silt from the creek water; and its very hard to get rid of, without draining the entire thing. We started with 12 fish and ended up with hundreds. They find a self sustaining level as far as we've found. Don't know that I'd be wanting crystal clear water... between the cats and the herons the attrition rate can be quite high as is. And they use the silt and the rocks to hide in. Survival of the fittest, if its not an contradiction of terms the dumb ones don't make it.

As for how much we feed them? When we remember. They are dormant for part of the year. Had four inchs of snow over top of pond, up to four inches of ice, and still some make it through ok. We see them even through the silt and murk, especially on warm days when they swim in schools. We buy fish food from the pet food shop in pellet form; found it works better than the flakes. You can throw it out into the pond away from the edges, rather than wearing half of it. Quite tasty for dogs to it would seem.

Got to watch concrete though; fresh concrete can be toxic from what I've read. Also be wary about changing all the water at once; my sister killed her five in a barrel by doing that. Gradually works better, let them adjust over time.

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14 years 1 month ago #313442 by Andrea1
Replied by Andrea1 on topic Gold fish
The water will go green while the pond finds its ecological balance, no matter what you do. You can help the algae keep from taking hold by keeping 2/3 of the surface of the water covered by plants. Ideally, you want green algae growth on the walls of the pond, which the fish will eat, making the pond a closed cycle. We never feed our goldfish unless the water has to be changed which is rarely (we had a massive algal bloom with some sudden very hot weather). They will nibble most plants, and devour some. We always provide lots of anacharis (sp??), a common floating oxygenating plant, when we put fish in a new pond without any other food source. They love it.

The only way to achieve perfectly clear water is to recirculate it through some kind of filter, which will need to be cleaned regularly. I prefer to let a pond become what it wants to become. Start it out with lots of plants and some fish and let nature take over (but not as far as allowing predatory birds find the fish, hence the plants for cover for the fish as well, but a couple of terra cotta pots turned on their sides wouldn't go amiss for sheltering from kingfishers, cranes and the like.


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14 years 1 month ago #313449 by wino
Replied by wino on topic Gold fish
You will need to feed them if your pond is clean. Get some floating pellet goldfish food and feed them as much as they will eat in a couple of minutes once a day throughout summer. In winter they don't need feeding as they go into a semi hibernation mode as the water cools and food won't be digested properly. Any food that is left after a couple of minutes should be scooped out of the water again.

As Andrea says the water will probably go green for a while as the pond settles in. Plant it fairly heavily and don't panic and change the water when it does go green, it will clear again in due course.

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14 years 1 month ago #313488 by DiDi
Replied by DiDi on topic Gold fish
Those in the know about ponds. I have an unused concrete tank full of water and oxygen weed but no fish. Not intending to have them either but what I want to know is that if I put one of those zinc blocks in the water, will it kill the oxygen weed? I know it kills the green filigree looking stuff which I want dead but dont want to kill the oxygen weed. Any idea anyone?

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10 years 2 months ago #476875 by treetops
Replied by treetops on topic Gold fish
I don't know about the zinc blocks to kill algae, but all of the other advice is tried & tested. The concrete water troughs are ok provided they are not new. You can get a reagent to neutralise the cement in new concrete. to minimise algal bloom, try to shade the trough from strong sunlight, grow a waterlily or two ( cover about half the surface area. we have successfully kept 6 medium sized (3-4 cm) fantails in a 200 litre trough for several years. don't overfeed.

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