Mobile phone replacement options - help!

14 years 6 months ago #21175 by reggit
My trusty old phone is nearing the end - after nearly 6 years and an immersion in a (clean) toilet, as well as being dropkicked untold times, it's done very well, and I shall miss it :( esp as that means I have to 'learn' a new phone...

I need to go onto another contract with Telecom (not negotiable) and usually when this has happened over the last 15+ years, there has been a good phone on offer that I have just signed up for. This time all they have are whiz bang models (expensive!), which I don't want - I just want a basic mobile phone please, preferably fliptop/clamshell rather than the alternative.

Question is: can I purchase a phone from another source, take it in to Telecom and then get them to hook me up on a plan? Yes, I could ask them, but every time I try, I get befuddled with sales crap. So if anyone has done this successfully, please let me know [;)]

Take a break...while I take care of your home, your block, your pets, your stock! [;)] PM me...

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