4 stitches and unnecessarily fragile

14 years 7 months ago #20947 by Ghilly
I had to get a bump taken off my lower jaw. T'was just a little bump, nothing nasty. Two valium and some numbing gel before I went in and I lay like a log on the bed thing while the Dr got too work. I didn't move a muscle but both hands were clenched so tight even the nurse noticed.

I now have 4 stitches and feel quite fragile... I mean, come on, this was done on Thursday! I should be up and at 'em instead of poncing about being delicate and weak. I'm getting things done but without any sort of oomph and let's face it, I was lacking ooomph to begin with so it's taking me ages to get anything done, inbetween stopping for a cup of tea and a sit down I am getting what needs to be done every day and then packing up for the rest of the day.

I had to go in to have the dressing changed yesterday and it was all good, it hadn't even bled at all. I asked the nurse to cover it all up so I couldn't see it or I'd go all unnecessary about the knees.

When I had my jaw operated on, the surgeon told me after a visit to check up on things, that I should take the dressing off to let the air get at it. I did. I took one look at the stitches and the shaved area of head and everything and felt woozy. I had to phone a friend who was a nurse and ask her to come and put a dressing back on it.... and yet I sat watching a programme on TV last night called 101 things removed from people without feeling iffy at all. Ok some of the scenes were pretty cringe making but I was more fascinated than anything.

Such a sook!

When I made the appointment, I asked the Dr if there was some sort of gel they could put on me so I didn't feel the local. He said he'd write me a prescription for some gel stuff and al the while, Kim was humming the cancan and refering to me as a big girls blouse :p HA! a blouse maybe! but a blouse that didn't feel two locals going in!


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