Does anyone else

13 years 2 weeks ago #284335 by Red Bandit
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We are mowing the lawn but our poor ewes have bugga all growing in their paddocks,:rolleyes: even the ones they aren't in! Wish we didn't share a driveway with the farmer next door and we could shut the gate and they could mow it for us![;)]

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13 years 2 weeks ago #284342 by ccrk9
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sure feels like spring over this last week...the days feel longer and I noticed we are coming inside just that bit later at night. We had a couple of nice days before being flooded in yesterday, with breezes and 14 degrees. Rushed out cutting lawns that were finally drying off a bit (now all under water again!). I can see big fat blossom buds on the almond tree - another week or so and it will be out. We have daffodils thru with nice flower buds on them, my tulips are poping up, most of my roses have new leaves or buds on them - some havent stopped flowering - now if I could just get a few fine dry days to prune them....only have nearly 60 to do! And many of the fruit trees have buds as do some of the other deciduous trees. and the grass is growing in the orchard - there is signs of growth in the paddocks BUT with the wet weather our two boys (steers)are turning the paddocks onto bogs in places and complaining they have not got enough feed...greedy buggers bellow at me every time they see me! I guess that will teach me for spoiling them with windfall apples over apple season...even my chickens feel its spring - we are getting 9 eggs most days from 16 laying birds, which isnt bad for the time of year as some of the non layers are moulting or just finished moulting

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