I got a cuddle!!!

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I got a cuddle!!! was created by Ghilly
We went to visit Spoook and L today. Between showers, we were able to go out and visit with the two parrots she rehomed for me, Korus son TK AND I got a cuddle from the first kid of the season. Oooh what a wee honey. So Tiny with so many little wriggles and curls covering her... awwwww and wee soft floppy ears. Youse lot who don't have goats don't know what you are missing!!! They are just THE most darling wee things you could ever clap eyes on!

Oh and PLUSSSSSS The cow we had here that Spoook and Len bought had her first calf this morning, a wee chap. Awwwwwww I didn't get to see him cos he's a bit of a drive away and we needed to get back home so I could get the goats done...... all in all a busy day really. First we picked up a little pure white budgie for Spoook, then we had to crawl through the main drag to Devonport to pick up a recliner chair Kim had bought. It took us 20 minutes to get 7kms, then off to Spoooks to visit and deliver her new snowy feathered friend. I might add, he was very well behaved in his wee box in the back seat. Barely a tweet out of him.


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15 years 1 week ago #279239 by Dream Weaver
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Awwwww been so long since I got to cuddle a newborn kid. You are so so right NOTHING can beat that of a newborn kid. super cool. You had a day of cuddles then lol :):)

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15 years 1 week ago #279247 by spoook
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Was good to see you guys and thanks again for collecting my new charge on the way. Hope you got the new chair in without getting it wet and it is covered [;)] These darn cat and dog hairs :(

BTW... anyone know of a pure white female budgie? Now or in the future.

I had arranged to buy a pair but then the seller. a young boy, informed me he had a buyer that offered more. I damn well offered him his asking price how dare he keep the market open!!
Even though he had told me I could have them he still tried it on with me. I matched the other guy but he was meant to have upped his price. I told him what he could do with his darn budgies.
So..... I have now got my male and on the hunt for a white mate for him.

Yakut, she got lots more cuddles today, she is such a smooch, snuggles right is round your neck. :D

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15 years 1 week ago #279269 by Ghilly
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The photos Kim took came out really well, especially one of that big split willow. I really enjoyed having a cuddle with the wee tot, she is a wee honey... but aren't they all!?

Today I finally managed to get three feed troughs up and a hay rack! I can't believe I actually got it done and with barely any swearing or dramas.
Only Athena and Artemis were in the paddock with the shelter and they didn't bother me at all, the others obviously weren't all that curious either cos I was in there figuring things out and going back and forth to the garage and they stayed put in the other paddock and watched me from there.

I had had visions of me having to chase bags of nails and the hammer and whatever else I had with me but it all went without so much as a close sniff of my tools. Usually I have to 'go fetch' as someone wanders off with fencing staples or my hammer and a glint in their eye. They can be SO Nosey!

Tonight is the start of a new routine so we'll see how well that goes. Hmmm......


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