Faulty phone line......

14 years 11 months ago #18577 by ronnie
Phoned MIL on Saturday night as usual, no problems. Went to make a call on Sunday afternoon, and no dial tone - just nothing. Rang our number from the cell phone to find it going straight to answerphone - just like as if the phone was off the hook. Checked the phone, plugged in a different phone - same issue.
Rang Telecom to lodge a fault. They also insisted we go thru this checking with a different phone, plug filter in, take filter out, excercise. Then decided that the test he did looked a little bit suspiciously like it could be a faulty line - not our phone.
So tech came out on Monday morning and spent about an hour tracking down the fault in absolutely attrocious weather, poor bloke. Still couldn't exactly locate the fault, so switched the pair of wires used from the box at the corner of the house to the jack point. He tested the line and all was deemed well.
Phone rang later in the afternoon, but when we went to answer it, they had hung up - or so we thought. Thought nothing more of it.
Today, a friend phoned - it rang once. Then a few seconds later, it rang once again. She emailed to say phone had cut out on her. Rang her back, no problem. So this time, we can ring out, but not receive any calls.
Rang Telecom, to have to go thru this "filter in, filter out" business.
So we now have a tech coming out again tomorrow.
So that will be 4 days without a fully functioning phone. Not good enough, in my opinion.

Luckily, the broadband is not affected. Would be suffering VERY badly if that went west as well as the phone.

Seems it will be just "too bad" if anyone needs to get hold of us on the phone, which they normally do - especially during business hours.

Does anyone think any of the other phone companies would have dealt with this any quicker? This is the first "issue" we have had with the phones in 8 years of living here, so I guess we have got off lightly.

Vent over[;)]

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14 years 11 months ago #275347 by moggy
Replied by moggy on topic Faulty phone line......
OK, speaking as someone married to a telecoms engineer - mainly working on the telstra network, but also on the telecom. Many of the tech are subcontractors and do not get given the job the same day that it is reported.
Many faults are either user error or equipment error, or a problem in the house. It makes sense for them to try and rule that out first, also if it is your equipment at fault it saves you being charged a call out fee. But yes it does mean that you have to argue your case pretty strongly. The last time I rang up with the fault, I threated to give them the serial number in the card that was changedin the exchange last time due to it being noisy - that was after they told me the last time there had been no fault they could find. I also pointed out we had already identified it was an earth fault on the line.

Not all faults are straighforward to fix, ours in the end we gave up trying to get fixed - yes we new the guys personally who came out and they went above and beyond the call of duty, it was just easier to give up on dialup and get satellite broadband. TBH from what I hear, the NZ telecom network is antiquated and not very well designed. It suffers from the lack of investment over many years.
Telstra, you probably would have got a tech out, possibly the same day, but more likely the day after you rang if you are not considered an essential user. Similarly if the tech can fix it the same day, he will, if not, he is likely to have to arrange for someone else to try and track it down which will likely be the day after.

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14 years 11 months ago #275352 by Pumpkingirl
Replied by Pumpkingirl on topic Faulty phone line......
My parents had a similar problem when I was a teenager. Back in "the old days' Telecom told us it would be a week before anyone got to check it, and were true to their word.

So we told everyone we knew to try ringing, then as soon as they got cut off to hit redial. The phone would blip at our end, then stop. However you knew someone was trying to call, so having had a warning, we would stand by the phone and grab it during that "blip" - if you were quick, you could answer it. It was fun for me and my brother anyway :D

Anyway, it turned out to be water getting in somewhere. Took the poor tech multiple trenches over two days to find it, and Mum and Dad got credited for that month.

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14 years 11 months ago #275361 by JustHoldingOn
Do you have Sky Digital? We have had this problem a couple of times - it was fixed by unplugging the sky tv cable (the one that goes into the phone jack). We now leave the cable disconnected and only plug it in to purchase a movie. Hope this helps.

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14 years 11 months ago #275365 by ronnie
Replied by ronnie on topic Faulty phone line......
hi, yes we do have Sky digital, but it is not plugged into a phone jack.

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14 years 11 months ago #275405 by Hestia
Replied by Hestia on topic Faulty phone line......
our landline misbehaved every time it rained and when the sun came out it worked again, same thing over and over.
They never found any fault and it always took 3-5 days until somone came out and then it worked again. landlines were so bad so we could not hear people. we gave up and just disconnected after a year. Problem today is that internet thru farmside is so expensive!! depressing to hear people at work that pay 30-40 dollars and surf as much as they want and fast and I pay 168 dollars. saw someone on country calender that was strongly crirical towards city people getting faster and faster internet and we rural people sometimes can't have a landline and internet is both slow and expensive.

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