Cancer of the roof

15 years 1 month ago #18314 by Ghilly
Cancer of the roof was created by Ghilly
Buggar!!!! Our roof has rust!!! The idiot cheapo painters the previous owners got in to tart the place up spray painted over everything, lichen rust, probably bird pooh as well. The rust is bubbling through in huge patches.

I got Kim to throw me the wire brush and I managed to get the worst off and then smothered the area and edges with the sealant as a small effort to stop any water getting in. All visible and suggestions of gaps have been sealed along with nail heads and anything else that looked a bit iffy.

Basically, the roof is a mess!!!!

While I was up there, I spotted that botty ring of a rooster attacking the one remaining brown shaver, Carol. He didn't kill her but was trying to. Anyone want an Aruacana rooster, old, and not very nice to anything other than Aruacana chooks... well he's ok with his mob of girls. Kim says he's for the pot.. so to speak and personally, this is the last straw. So anyone want a ratbag rooster? As long as he's taken away and dispatched humanely, I don't care what you do with him.

As for the roof!!!!!!

When I came down and stepped inside, I noticed a ceiling tile way over in the lounge has sagged. It's always had a stain on it but I went up into the roof one night when it was bucketing down and couldn't see anything, it's not even damp and there are no obvious signs of water stains anywhere.

This tile has sagged over the last day or so and we haven't had any rain....
I also checked to see if something may have snuffed it up there and looked for the remains. Nothing!!!! Clean as a whistle, no bones, no skin, not even a whisker. What would cause a pinex ceiling tile to stain, then grow orange mould and sag....... ??????
The roof is filled with insulation fluff and this wasn't wet either, it was dry as a bone up there.

I don't know if I have fixed the leak in the other area. I don't know if I should carry on with regibbing and putting the new tiles up where the wall came out or leave it for the next downpour...... the leak would depend on just which was the rain was being blown....... I dunno.... I'm so over it all.
Leaks, rust, lichen in great huge clumps, it's not a big house by any means but trying to fix up this mess seems monumental.
To top it all off, the lichen and other dust and dirt on the roof makes it very slippery, like standing on a scree slope.
The car port roof has had it and the garage roof has holes in it where the old nails were and never filled up. I think it may have been a second hand garage and was moved here and reassembled. The little side shed attached to the garage is a wreck as well. There's a HUGE hole in that.

I can't help thinking if the job had been done properly the first time, it wouldn't be in such a state now. Bloody cheapo painters and backyard 'she'll be right' handymen.
There needs to be a worlwide ban on people who do idiot jobs and know they are doing idiot jobs.

There's no point in getting a new roof so it will have to be patched and repainted...... by experts!!!!!


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15 years 1 month ago #271790 by Dream Weaver
Replied by Dream Weaver on topic Cancer of the roof
Oh Yakut. i so hope that it can be repaired. I know what you mean though. while being here for the past 5 years, we have had to repair some really dodgy stuff, AND the guy here was a builder!!!!!! he knew he was going to flick it off so did the basics and xut any corners he could. They now live in a MANSSION apparrently that he built after selling this. Yes there is some Ass**** out there.

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15 years 1 month ago #271800 by DiDi
Replied by DiDi on topic Cancer of the roof
I have just had a local tradesman do some work for me and with just one new sheet of iron on the roof, a check and renewal of any sus nails, a walkway recover (quite a distance) and bracing (cause it needed it) plus new spouting and downpipes on the majority of the house came to $2500. I have no complaints at all!

Everything was removed and taken away and I am grinning every time it rains and the rain is pouring down the spouts instead of down the outside walls. He even discovered that the builders had not put in flashing on one side of the house that meant the water was more likely going inside the walls! Stoked!

If you want his number, PM me and I will give you the details. I know he would have loved to reroof my entire house but was cruisy when I told him that was not in the budget! Already the house feels more warm and cosy - but maybe that is my imagination.

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15 years 1 month ago #271855 by Ghilly
Replied by Ghilly on topic Cancer of the roof
Thanks DiDi, we'll keep it in mind. It'll be a while before we can do anything about it. Hopefully the sealant I put up there will work for a while. There were several large patches where the rust is bubbling through. I only messed with one area. I wasn't prepared to run out of sealant and not sort out the problem I went up there to fix. I don't know how to find out if the sealant has worked or not and I don't want to go banging new tiles on the ceiling if there's still a leak up there.

It was supposed to be a straight forward job until this bloody leak turned up.... mind you, we probably wouldn't have known about the rusty roof either.... until some overweight mynah bird landed on it and fell through.


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