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Well some of you may remember I said that there was a family of kittens I had seen down the back of my place and I was willing to let them keep the bunny and mouse populations down. today it was at the back of the garage, seems I had disturbed its sleep in when I went to roll the maize bags to dry the cobs. a very pretty ginger tabby sneaked out the exit... shall have to shift the possum cage as I fear it is a tom so dont want spring time spraying.. he can go for a car ride then be released immediately.. but getting closer to civilisation which is good.. I hope it can be the caretaker of the new barn.

and the fencer has been to talk about doing the necessary for the pig arena and haybarn.. saw my pekin banties and took two of the gals away, as he needs some broodies for next season.. and then was showing interest in the cages adorning my place.. wow I might get the place more than cleaned up!!! he is rearing different pheasants.

And watching TV gardening show yesterday they discussed that hair and vacuum cleaner dust is gobbled by the worms in a worm farm so I tossed the maize cob tassles into the farm so that will be interesting to see if they are useful and tasty.
NOw if only I could solve all my other problems as easily

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