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15 years 6 months ago #16277 by Ghilly
Climbing Turtle! was created by Ghilly
I went out to feed the chooks and had my usual glance over the brushwood fence to see how Marcella was doing. There were a couple of leaves of puha in the bath which I thought was weird and then spotted Madam Marcella parked in the branches of a small Hebe growing in her enclosure! I didn't know turtles could climb!!!!! [:0][:0]

She had climbed up through the branches and out over the bath tub she lives in. How? I don't know but when Kim went out to take a photo of her, she was back in the bath. [}:)]
She was about a foot above the water so couldn't have possibly climbed up without getting out of the bath and climbing up the trunk of the Hebe (which isn't that big, about 3 or 4 foot high) Cheeky monkey! I've never seen her up there before and she usually climbs out of the bath on the other side to bask.

Shame we didn't get a photo of her. She'd wedged herself into the branches and had herself balanced with one foot on the branch and the rest all tucked in. She's quite a big turtle, a full sized adult female and is quite heavy. You need two hands to pick her up and hold her and if she starts to wriggle she's quite strong so I knew she wasn't stuck. A push with one foot is all she would have needed to get out of the Hebe.

Hard case!:cool:[;)]


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15 years 6 months ago #244730 by Dream Weaver
Replied by Dream Weaver on topic Climbing Turtle!
Wow i think she is very clever. i would not have thought that they would climb either.

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15 years 6 months ago #244796 by Hestia
Replied by Hestia on topic Climbing Turtle!
my turtles sometimes gets out!
They stand on their rear feets toes and streeeeeetch and grab upper edge of the fishtank even though it is higher than the turtle standing up!
stretch their "fingers" over the edge and PULL themselves over and escape!
They always go same direction so I know where to look. (north and end up in my bedroom under my bed)
Why do they go same way?
Tried it in the garden and they turn around and hit north.

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15 years 6 months ago #244817 by Ghilly
Replied by Ghilly on topic Climbing Turtle!
I now only have one Turtle, Marcella. Cousteau died over winter. Marcella and Cousteau have escaped and gone off to the creek. Marcella was gone for around three months and Cousteau went off for a long visit, months in fact.

I found them basking in the creek and with the help of an old fruit basket and a long stick, I managed to get them back. Marcella seems happy now but I will have to go and prune the creeping rosemary so she doesn't use it to hoist herself out again. It's become like a spongy carpet and she uses it to get out. She is in a bath which is in an enclosure with the soil level built up to bath level. I needed to have the bath above ground so I could drain it to clean. I had to tack rodent netting around the sides to stop them getting out but the dogs sometimes put their paws on the netting to have a look in the enclosure and they flatten the netting. They are not at all interested in Marcella, never have been but they sometimes want to see in.

Marcella has never been in the Hebe before so it was quite a surprise.

It's amazing how they can sniff out water though. The creek is about 100 metres away and they both had to get through long thick grass to get to it. Marcella basically went in a straight line but Cousteau went more or less North and I found him down at the creek at the bottom of the paddock.

I found both of them floating about looking like Starship Voyager having a rest stop. They were enjoying the slow current and just sort of puddling about with their legs spread out and their heads just out of the water looking around.

Poor Cousteau kept hassling Marcella and giving her the flicky claws in the face, trying to woo her. She would not be wooed and kept biting him. They both went into a sort of hibernation where they dig themselves into the 'mud' at the bottom of the bath and sleep. Cousteau never woke up.

I buried him between two pittosporums. Poor lad.

Marcella wasn't at all sorry, she has the whole bath to herself now with no romantic advances from a pesky bloke. Right little battleaxe!


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