Moving in - so close, so far away!

15 years 4 months ago #16227 by reggit
Its been an up and down ride this Xmas, with major chaos Xmas Eve when our solar wasn't working (long story!) and we thought we'd have to spend the whole break with no hot water [:0]:( but the lovely solar men came out and sorted it out even though they had officially finished for the year :D

There was so much happening that we decided New Year's Eve would be better for having our first sleep in the house to give us enough time to get sorted without stressing out. In the meantime, our shower and toilet in the house was working so we were trekking over there for bathroomy stuff and sleeping in the portacabin still.

Then Xmas morning, disaster struck for hubby when his back when into spasms and our first stop of the day had to be the doctors for some serious antispasmoidal drugs and painkillers. He floated through the rest of the day with family here, but he is on strict relaxation orders for five days. It will do him the world of good, but means the physical move is up to me.

Luckily most of the stuff in the portacabin is able to be taken apart and moved in pieces and I'll enlist the help of visitors to move the 3-4 bits that can't be. Also means me getting the posts in for the dog fencing so we can make the move as can't leave her back at the portacabin!

Ah well, plenty of time to potter through it, and plenty of visitors expected who will give a lift in exchange for a cuppa and a mince pie [}:)]. The most important thing is that we had a lovely Xmas day here on the block and there is now no more major work to do preventing us from moving in over the next few days.

Yay! :D

simon@sue, how was your first Xmas in your place???

Take a break...while I take care of your home, your block, your pets, your stock! [;)] PM me...

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15 years 4 months ago #244303 by Ghilly
Great Stuff Tigger. I can sympathise with Mr Tigger and his back. When it goes, it goes and it takes a while for the spasms to release. Very painful.

At least when you're on clouds, you don't worry so much about what you should be doing cos you're too blissed out to care.

Kim was sick yesterday as well and spent most of the day asleep. She's got a virus I think. It's really hot today and she has goosebumps and feels cold.

When Mr Tigger is better, you need to take a couple of days to relax and do very little but rest so you don't crash.

Take care both of you.


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15 years 4 months ago #244305 by hilldweller
Hi Tigger
Was wondering if you were in yet. You've made fantastic progress with the build - well done you and Mr Tigger. Good plan to take it easy and move in over the next week or so. Best of luck with the moving.


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