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15 years 6 months ago #16026 by kate
Most annoying company? was created by kate
Vodafone....and to start with I hate the spelling of their name...are driving me insane [B)][}:)][B)]

We're leaving in about ten days and I'm up to my neck in packing, redirecting, cancelling accounts etc etc. Up until now it's been simple, pleasant and stress-free. Until I tried to contact Vodafone [xx(]

I bought a new mobile phone in March and went onto one of their stupid plans. Grossly expensive and the form I had to fill out was more detailed than my citizenship application [xx(] I said I would probably be going overseas before the contract ran out and was told I'd have to buy out the contract. I agreed as it was still cheaper than no contract. I want to do just that. Being the sort of person I am I went first to their website and logged on. I am told online that I can't do that, I can only spend more with them, not less. So I phoned their so-called helpline.

The usual irritating menu round ensued and I chose the 'accounts' option. The submenu had nothing appropriate, only ways to buy more things or check bills. So I pressed the '0' for a real person. I was asked to enter my 4 digit pin number. I don't know my four digit pin number. It's a mobile phone, not a bank vault. I pressed the # key.

I was immediately assailed by extremely loud (and dreadful) music. I held the phone away from my ear and waited. A quiet message came on saying that all of the customer services reps (or whatever) were busy and that the knowledge base on their website could help me.
No it couldn't.
Or, the message continued, I could go back to the interactive phone menu I'd just escaped from.
I don't think so.
Then the message ended and the music - at least 3 decibels louder than the voice - resumed.
Repeat for seemingly hours. Finally someone answers.
"Can I have your name and number."
Feeling like an army recruit I gave my name and mobile number.
"What is your pin number?"
"No idea."
"It's got four digits."
"No idea."
"Can I have your date of birth."
"What plan do you have?"
"Don't know, 20 something."
"I'll have to ask you some security questions."
At this point I'm getting snarky. I'm a ^&$^ customer! Try treating me like one. They have no idea - and it seems no interest - in what I'm phoning about. I have much less trouble getting information out of banks and building societies! [:0][:0][:0] Hel-lo it's only a phone [:(!][:(!]

Security over I am asked what they can do to help me. I tell them.
"So you want to suspend your account?"
That is not what I said. "No, I want to cancel the contract."
"When will you be coming back?"
"I can suspend your account until May."
Can't be bothered arguing. "Okay, do it."
"Can I put you on hold?"
Cue deafening music..........................
"I can only suspend your account for three months."
"I'm away for five months."
"I can suspend it for three months and after that your monthly charges will be reinstated."
"Don't bother. Leave it. Goodbye."

I'll go into a shop and deal with a real human being who can tell when I'm about to lose my temper.

Oh...somewhere in all that I said I'd like to cancel my ihug account (ihug is owned by vodafone) but was told I'd have to phone another number to do that. Right.

Give me strength [B)]

Sorry about the rant but this was exceptionally bad and irritating service.

On the other hand, Netspeed were courteous, helpful, didn't ask one stupid question and told me to have a nice holiday :D [8D] :D [8D] Go netspeed!


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15 years 6 months ago #242225 by reggit
Replied by reggit on topic Most annoying company?
Doesn't it drive you mad!!!!!

My little gem was yesterday with Hertz (yes, name and shame)

Booked a car through the government travel agency and received confirmation.

Arrived 8am at the airport (closer to our place than going into town to pick it up)

No one at their kiosk.

Used batphone there to call their office in town.

'I have a car booked at airport for 8am'

'We don't open the airport centre til 8.30'

'But I booked and it was confirmed'

'We don't open the airport centre til 8.30 as the first flight doesn't arrive til 9'

'Then why did you accept the booking?'

'It would have been an automatic one'

'Then why is it confirmed'

'You'll have to wait another 25 minutes'

'I have a meeting at 9.30!!!!!' (at somewhere 1.5 hours away...)

'Nothing I can do about it'

Fume, fume, 8.15 someone turns up.

'The booking was actually made for pickup in town.'

'No it wasn't'

'Yes it was'

'No it wasn't. The agent confirmed airport'

'They must have cocked it up, they do that all the time'

Grrrrr. No they didn't.

Can nooone apologise nowadays, admit a mistake and make it better?? Grrr...

Next example....????? [}:)]

Take a break...while I take care of your home, your block, your pets, your stock! [;)] PM me...

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15 years 6 months ago #242227 by cowmad
Replied by cowmad on topic Most annoying company?
Telecom is a very bad swear word in our household....its bluddy hopeless innit. I dont know why it all has to be soooo hard. :)

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15 years 6 months ago #242242 by NZ Appaloosas
My rant? People who buy things on TradeMe and don't seem to quite grasp what the words "AS IS" means...doesn't matter if you pay 50 cents or 50 thousand dollars, AS IS means you bought it in the condition it was in at the time of pick-up, no warrants, no guarantees. Oh, and coming around threatening while wearing a uniform is a good way to get me to call someone's boss and lay a complaint...


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15 years 6 months ago #242257 by max2
Replied by max2 on topic Most annoying company?
I am having the same hassle with Optus in aussie Kate, apparently my mobile number that I have had for years is now registered business (wasn't apart from me adding the business name to the 2nd name line for tax purposes) but I cannot transfer it to a private pre paid sim card....

i found vodafone really good to deal with better than telecom when we were travelling back and forth to NZ for the pre-paid set up. T were so inflexible with their systems wanting a new telephone etc when all i wanted to do was make cheaper calls from NZ from time to time rather than use my optus sim card....

anyhow, expect the worst from them all. I am still trying to sort out my aussie email addy account from here....

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15 years 6 months ago #242260 by jeannielea
Replied by jeannielea on topic Most annoying company?
We had a similar experience as Tigger with Budget rentals recently. I also booked on the net and got confirmation. Arrived at the Picton ferry terminal but no-one at the locked office. Others came to check in a car as well. Tried to phone to be told to hold on while they called the ferry branch office. Would not listen when we said we could see inside and no-one there. After 20 minutes the person arrived and said 'Oh I was down moving cars!!' But we had booked for a specific time. No response or apology - just excuses that it was the main branch fault. Told her what time we'd be back and said we needed to be taken across to the Bluebridge terminal. No problem we were assured. You guessed it, no-one there when we arrived - but this time we had a ferry to catch so took the car over there, gave the keys to the receptionist who kindly logged onto her computer all the details and the time. She said it happens all the time!! As you say, what happened to customer service. No complaints about Bluebridge though!

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15 years 6 months ago #242267 by DiDi
Replied by DiDi on topic Most annoying company?
Pay peanuts - your get monkeys!

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15 years 6 months ago #242287 by max2
Replied by max2 on topic Most annoying company?
Re car hire we gave up on budget years ago to get us to pukekohe and back and found them rude at the airport anyhow...

So we started to rent from Ace Car Hire and they have been wonderful, and at reasonable prices plus you get AA coverage for no extra charge.

If you are flyiing in on the late plane, you can pick the car up at the airport where they leave it before closing, and the keys are left with another business to hand over.

Just no fuss and they run a shuttle services to and fro airport to yard so there is no hassle in daytime hours to get over to the yard.

Downside is though that the business isn't everywhere. But do try if you don't mind driving a used clean car. :)

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15 years 6 months ago #242290 by simon@sue
Replied by simon@sue on topic Most annoying company?
I'm with Kate on this, love vodafone product but they have the worst customer service i have ever come across and this extends to the user unfriendliness of their website. I have yet to get a person to answer a phone call in under 30 minutes, thank god for speaker phones you can leave on in the background!

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15 years 6 months ago #242313 by devan
Replied by devan on topic Most annoying company?
I HATE VODAFONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will never ever have another phone with them, if i ever get the urge to be a suicide bomber the 1st place i'll go is bl**dy vodafone (and the last i would imagine [;)])
I hate hate hate them!!!!!!!

I have however found with the telecom automated thingy if you swear at it you get a real person pretty quick smart :D
Isn't it ironic that these are both telecommunication companies yet they can't friggin communicate!

Has anyone tried Telstra? i thought i might sign up for that new plan with mobile and phone line they are advertising

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