Coping with dial-up!

13 years 7 months ago #15563 by Rod Brown
How on earth can people cope with dial-up speed in this day and age of broad band? I guess some unfortunately can't get it!

I have just been sorting out my 80s + MIL's laptop which she had not used for a year (in hospital etc) and to clear all emails and do the up-dates etc took me 2 days. She only wants it for the odd email and maybe a short look at the odd web site so cant afford or justify going onto broadband. Some of the 237 emails (jokes) took over 10 minutes to download and then couldn't be opened as she didn't have power point. Like in the early days going online clogs up her phone line.

I know the Nats are talking about speeding up broadband but will or can dial-up speed be increased. I was completly frustrated at the times taken to do anything (how quickly we forget how it was originally) and I can see she is getting to the stage of not bothering with the "darn thing", even though she had been paying for this last year and never used the service.

I suppose it is a toss up but to pay about $30 a month for something you hardly ever use but can be a quite important tool is a difficult decision, it seems to me that is just the way things are and if you dont move with the times you get left behind which is a bit sad in her case and I daresay many other low users like herself.

Now sold block, of no fixed abode, building new house. Darling wife has passed 1 year ago.

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13 years 7 months ago #236173 by SusanB
Replied by SusanB on topic Coping with dial-up!
Until last week we were still on dial up. i used to have to go on line to check my mail rather than download it - I deleted any big files that were clearly jokes etc to avoid long downloads.

Mind you all is not sunny with BB either here - we had to get some sort of repeater put on a neighbours house as we are down in a valley, and have got wireless BB. Satellite didn't work for us as we work from home through Citrix thing, and the data transfer times was causing the odd timeout to occur which was just as bad as dial up! Our wireless thing over at the neighbours seems to have a tanty every other day and need to be disconnected and then reconnected to allow us access to the internet. Really annoying, as neighbours are really private people and we were grateful that they agreed to a repeater thing on their house at all! Constant visits to ask them to fiddle with things is not optimum!

12 Acres, a few horses and cattle in the western Waikato

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13 years 7 months ago #236177 by Isla
Replied by Isla on topic Coping with dial-up!
I'm on dial-up and am a high user of the internet. It takes me an hour to upload a 8Mb photo file to a server for someone else to pick up, but my connection is fortunately reasonably reliable and error-free. I would certainly do what I do more quickly with BB, but I still can't justify the expense for satelite, because I can still work around the time required on dial-up. I can't say it isn't sometimes quite frustrating, but rarely do I find a page which won't load and I train my email correspondents to remove me from their joke and picture lists.

Personally I'm still damned grateful for a technology we could hardly have imagined a couple of decades ago when there were still party lines on a manual exchange in this valley. I'm in touch with the world and while it may not be as fast as others' connections, it's still a hell of a lot faster than mailing stuff. Being able to get hold of research materials and instant information it would in past times have taken weeks or months to find out about, is magic.

For the rest of the stuff people might be inclined to download, I simply haven't the time to look at it at any download speed!

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  • maggies mum
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13 years 7 months ago #236181 by maggies mum
Replied by maggies mum on topic Coping with dial-up!
Welcome to my world RB! :(

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13 years 7 months ago #236192 by moggy
Replied by moggy on topic Coping with dial-up!
We have just got satellite broadband installed. The speed of dialup had got to the point where it was pretty unreasonable and telecom just told us that they couldn't fix it and didn't guarentee dialup speed (it got down to 2.4Kbps).
With the current offer of $50 per month the difference of $16 for dialup plus paying for calls to the UK worked out very little more. The inalws are on BB, so we web cam with them for free

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