Computer question again please

15 years 9 months ago #14947 by ronnie
Ok, so I was getting the "virtual memory is low" message again yesterday. So thought I would be clever and do what I did last time and delete some old programmes I don't use.
Did this and did a restart and things seem to be much improved. But now on start up, the computer is trying to load a "Photo Gallery" and keeps asking for the disk to be inserted.
Any idea what this is?
I have the original discs for MS Money, encarta, works etc but don't know about a Photo Gallery?

Also, a while ago I downloaded Java, to be able to play scrabulous. No problems there. But when I was clearing out programmes last night, I see there are now 3 lots of Java loaded. 2 of them appear to be updates, but they are huge programmes and probably the cause of the latest "no memory" problem. One is version 5 and the other is version 7. Can I delete version 5 with no ill effects? or do I have to keep all three of them. I would prefer only one of them to be loaded due to the size of them. And as scrabulous seems to be "having a coffee break" I have no other use of them anyway.

Thanks guys.

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15 years 9 months ago #228180 by GrantK
I would suggest uninstalling all of the Java versions, and then just re-install the latest one. That should save some additional hard disk space for you.

Also, have a look through the installed programs list for anything to do with Photo Gallery and uninstall it. Sorry, can't be of any more help with that, as it's something I've never encountered myself.

You know, you really should look at a Hard Disk upgrade and some more RAM. It won't cost a huge amount, and will solve all these problems, as well as giving better performance :)

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15 years 9 months ago #228188 by ronnie
Thanks Grant, its on my list of things to do when I have some spare cash to do these things with (and time to go to town to look into it).

I must have managed to uninstall this photo gallery thing cause it keeps trying to reload it !!!!! Just hope its not something vital.

Will uninstall all the Java stuff and look at a re-install whenever scrabulous come back again.

Thanks again

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15 years 9 months ago #228219 by ame
Replied by ame on topic Computer question again please
You could be waiting a while. Scrabulous was shut down after a lawsuit filed by Hasbro (owners of the Scrabble trademark). It has come back as "Wordscraper" which, to the untrained eye, looks remarkably familiar.

The "Virtual memory low" message has nothing to do with the size of the hard disc, so deleting programs is not relevant. It is dependent on the number of programs you have running at any one time (including the random 'helper apps' that run at startup and sit in the tray). Here's a link to a Microsoft site which discusses a solution:

Of course, if it's a memory leak, finding the culprit is a bit trickier, but here's a page with some helpful suggestions:

Actually, since virtual memory needs some space on the hard drive you do need to make sure the hard drive is not chock-full, but, the error message saying that the virtual memory is too little pops up *before* Windows tries to allocate more virtual memory (by reserving more space on the hard drive).



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